Friday, May 3, 2013

Is It Vintage - Kupittaan Savi vase designed by Linnea Lehtonen

This time I introduce you Kupittaan Savi and a beautiful vase designed by Linnea Lehtonen. Kupittaan Savi produced tiles, bricks and ceramic dishes and decorative items. The factory was in Turku. You can find several their products here in Finnish online shop Dishwareheaven. You can also find many Kupittaan Savi products just with simple google search. Kupittaan Savi products were awarded including the Paris World's Fair 1937. Unfortunately Kupittaan Savi were bankrupt in the year 1969.

I found this vase from auction. I love it's very simple decoration and form. Very trendy triangle shapes combined with black and white scandinavian style. There's handwritten singnature at the bottom. It was designed in 1950's. It represents the tradition of functionalism. Turku was important place of funtionalism in Finland. You might have heard about Alvar Aalto and Aino Aalto, talented well-known Finnish designers. This vase is a quite rare find. Quite many of these are already owned by collectors from different countries. For example Japanese are very interested of Finnish design.

I think this vase brings my mind African style. Simple figure repeats itself. I wonder where has designer Linnea Lehtonen got her inspiration to make such a pretty vase? Do you like it?


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