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James Farkut - Finnish Vintage James Jeans

vintage jeans - James jeans

This is a true story of how silly a vintage fan I can be. A big auction was coming and I found out that there were some fabulous never used 1950-60’s vintage clothing. I went to see them and I found children sized James jeans. Wow! For your knowledge James jeans is legendary and iconic Finnish jeans trademark. First they were called James Dean but when Dean died in 1955, they changed the name to James. That time you could see these cool jeans on Finnish rock stars like Danny. But when the next generation grew up, they didn’t want to wear same kind of jeans, which their parents did, so that was a beginning to the swan song for James jeans. It was Mattisen teollisuus which made these Finnish legendary jeans. In 1990’s L-Fashion Group brought James back with low profile to supermarkets. 

lovely label

But let’s go back to my auction story… After I found these lovely jeans, I made a bid and I got the box I wanted. But because of large number of boxes I went through, I had remembered wrong and I had chosen wrong box that didn’t have James jeans. Oh my…! I was so disappointed…and I didn’t understand how I had remembered so wrong! But at the same time it occurred to me that I wasn’t alone collecting my bid. I started thinking that I had seen one lady organizing huge number of these boxes when I collected mine and then a thought came to my mind. Could I ask her if she could change something from my box to these James jeans, which I really remembered and which she had in her boxes. And there were more than one pair of jeans so I could ask and it wouldn’t be so bad…so I went back. And when I saw her again - she really looked familiar. I recognized that she was the owner of one lovely vintage clothing shop...which is a really sweet place. So I asked her…if we could do the change. I wanted them badly. It was a really funny situation. Almost embarrassing. And first it was awful but we talked about the matter and after weird beginning - we got an agreement that she looks my box through and if she finds something interesting she can change James jeans to me…but she didn’t find anything!  (great)…then she asked if I want to buy them from her. Well, if you go to the auction…and you end up buying from somebody else’s bid, it is evident that it’s not cheap! But I had to get them - so I did. I paid more money only because of having been stupid. Well, can’t complain after I got a second chance and I was happy and she was happy.

Can you imagine that I got a second chance? Funny things happen and I have to admit that it was great to talk with her. She is pro shopper in auctions. And I’ve been thinking, how fun it is to tell my godson (when he’s a little bit older) how I got those James jeans for him…auntie is a little bit foolish but didn’t give up! That is the main point in this story – don’t give up. As the box lady said…it was the right decision to come and ask…you never know…but if I hadn’t asked…I’d never know and I would be thinking that I should have… whatever. The most important thing is that now I have a wonderful gift to my lovely godson – James jeans - he will have the most coolest vintagest jeans eveeer!

Have you ever made a wrong bid or have you bought something that you really don't need...?
Here are little sneak peeks to some other clothing which were in the box….they are also quite nice!

Jamekset! Löytyivät huutokaupasta. Luulin huutaneeni itselleni oikean laatikon, jossa olisi sellaiset aidot ja käyttämättömät. Mutta sepä olikin väärä laatikko. Tämän havainnon jälkeen löysin itseni tilanteesta, jossa olin neuvottelemassa toisen huutajan kanssa hänen laatikoissaan olevista James farkuista. Ehdotin vaihtokauppaa mutta laatikossani ei ollut mitään mitä hän olisi halunnut. Lopputuloksena päädyin siis ostamaan kuvien Jamekset kummipojallemme tältä toiselta huutajalta. Ei ollut aivan halpaa mutta sen väärti. Ja minkäs sille mahtaa, jos on itse mokannut - niin siitä saa myös sitten ihan itse myös maksaa. Mutta ei harmita laisinkaan. Juttu tuokio tämän vintageliikkeen pitäjän kanssa oli loistava ja loppujen lopuksi sain sen minkä halusin...ja paljon muuta. Muutama kuva laatikon vaatteista. Kaikki ovat siis käyttämättömiä 1950-60-lukujen vaatteita.  

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