Monday, April 29, 2013

Trending - follow or go first or even make it together?

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It's monday but this time no Link Love Creative. Today I really like to talk about trends. I like to hear what you consider as a coming trend at the moment? I read interesting writing  about making of a trend by Holly Becker from Decor8 in Patchwork Harmony blog. Since that I've been thinking the complexity of the trend and trend making.

I can't help myself but I see a little bit negativity in the trend word. Trends are shallow. Why? I guess I like the situation before it. How can I explain that? Not very easily. In the short version - it's the time before trendy people have to have "it" and after that comes mass consumption. I suppose I like more unique and personal style - but I know that can be also a trend. Much bigger reason why I see trend in negative way is that I think we need less consumption and more sustainable consuming habits and living. I'm afraid trend is more an enemy than a friend. I don't want to sound hypocrite. There are shades of grey and not only black and white...and who am I to say - I have pastel colored blog...trends come and go it's part of the fashion...but today I talk about trend not about fashion.

Somehow I also think you can see trend in positive way. If you could make a sustainable living, ecological ideology, pure organic and local food and fair trade as a mass trend and change it to fashion that would be a big achievement. The trend is a powerful tool to make the world go your direction. But how could we do it? I'm sure it's possible because there are plenty of trends going on all the time. They also change very fast. Are they good enough? Do they work for you? I think visual trend can be sustainable also. I'm happy to see that handmade, quality, fair trade, slowing down, organic, more interest about maker, approval of margin groups and many more are coming up more and more. Or am I only dreaming? I think this is a good beginning. Can we try to make together sustainable trends? Can we change these positive trends as fashion and not only a margin trend? That would be awesome.

Are some of these thoughts maybe provoking? Good. Tell me what you think! And as I said it's complicated, we all know that. Sorry for my not so perfect English because in this kind of posts it matters, I know.



  1. Nice to hear you point of view on this topic. Actually I think after the financial crissis I think that we see a lot more trends which we all can benefit from. It's not all about consumption anymore, it's about knowledge and sustainability as you mention. For e.g. more and more manufacturers produces sustainably furnitures and bamboo is trending again also in t-shirts. and with the massive interest for food, people are being more aware of quality and I think it's easier to find fair trade food products now than before simply because the manufacturers sees that there's a market for it now. So maybe in the nearest future it will become mass trendy. But the to be a crafter to create and reporpose is wildly hip again and I looove that trend :-) Sorry for the looong comment, have a happy day Kreetta

    1. Long comments are ok, I like them! Yes, this is the topic that really gets my attention :) Have a lovely spring day!

  2. I agree with what you say Kreetta. I don't tend to follow trends too much as it costs money and I'm always on a tight budget. Also, what do people do with their old stuff, just throw it out? I don't think that's a very good way of living life. I do like the eco and slow trends as they're positive.
    I hope you are having a nice week!
    Ps. Are you on Instagram?

    1. Great to hear Sarah! I'm not on Instagram, yet...first I need a smart phone :)

  3. Interesting point you are raising here. You know, I visit several trend shows a year, all interior related. There are much less trends now than years ahead due to the actual market situation. The final consumer is just buying less and brands are not taking the risk anymore. Not even the Italian, who always were the ones to copy/get inspired/share...
    Since there is less consumerism now, there are less trends and a different awareness now. Which is good.
    I have recently contributed to an article about the Slow Movement and believe that is a real trend! It is good, healthy and easy to integrate into your own life.
    Nice article, Kreeta!

    1. Hi Gudy!
      Thanks for bringing your view to this matter! I'm happy to hear your news but sorry for market situation and unemployed people at the moment but also I see possibility that this time could really change business/marketers direction. Lets hope that! I hope bloggers start to make their effort to add awereness of this matter what we have been talking about and expecially now when there are happening so many changes in our environment already and people under heavy working conditions. I love these wonderful things what we share here but we can always adjust a little bit what we are making and talking about. And sure we are already trending right direction. Thank you Gudy!

  4. It's an interesting topic you're bringing up here - I see what you mean and I share your dreams of a world where with a more sustainable lifestyle. But at the same time I also think that in our parts of the world which are ruled by capitalism everything is turned into a moneymaking tool at some point - no matter how well-intended it started. And the masses follow. But maybe there's a little shift and more people are downsizing not only because of a crisis but also because of a new awareness. But then - that may be true for some parts of the world, the "saturated ones", in others the "go big, take all you can" mentality is just starting because more people are actually able to consume, consume, consume...
    There's also an interesting discussion on some german blogs about the whole diy and crafts movement and that people are buying supplies and stuff they'll never use to make something because they're following that trend. Ending up with drawers full of fabrics that are never used and crafts supplies covered in dust. But someone made some money off it, for sure. I wish there was some more awareness in that field, as well. Using what we already have or buying something from an artist instead of buying supplies just to be part of the trendy selfmade movement.

  5. Hello Lena!
    Thank you for making some good points about this matter. I agree, I believe that what ever it is there is always someone who just wants money out of it...and I guess everyone is priviledged to have same possibilities as we do and if it's consuming...well, that doesn't promise good.

    Interesting to hear about your discussions about diy and crafts in German blogs. That's great subject! Do continue. I've been thinking the same about huge craft shopping possibilities...the quality...they are selling more dreams than reality...once again. I'm sure some people uses what they buy, hope so. But I'm also sure there are people who makes same choices like I do - we use old, used and vintage materials as much as we can. But of course is the right answer to make more stuff to this world...I don't know for sure. And very good point is to make the decision to buy from artist's great products which are made with talent, love and maybe even sustainable thought somewhere deep in it.

    Have a lovely week Lena!

  6. Hi Kreeta !
    That's a very interesting subject & few people admitt that trends are not so wonderful because they don't last long & reinforce consumerism. People don't need trends, they need to change their state of mind, that's all. Everyone needs to buy less, but of a better quality in a sustainable way. If everyone bought with a conscience, so many things could change.
    Thanks for bringing up the subject !

  7. Yes, I agree...but I'm still dreaming about sustainable trends that changes to fashion and then sustainable consuming :)


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