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Mustila Garden photo by

I think there is never too much beauty and luckily I have a chance to create and share it.  Yes I'm talking about flowers and I think there is a lot more to it than just beauty. Why we love flowers and plants? What do flowers, plants, garden and nature mean to us? They have many symbolic meanings (though less familiar nowadays) but I am more interested about what they give to us. 

Mustila Garden photo by

I love to photograph flowers and work with them. It's not the easiest job in the world but not the hardest either. It's not the most important work in the world but I think you can make it important by how you use your talent with them. In a nutshell they bring joy and comfort and that's why I think they are very important. 

This spring I made Instagram takeover at Mustila Garden Instagram account. As a creative and artist I wanted to make best of it of course. In my case I believe in atmosphere and emotions. The pic have to somehow make an impact.

So let me tell you shortly about Mustila Garden. It is a fine Finnish garden shop next to beautiful Arboretum Mustila. Arboretum was founded 1902 and it is especially famous for its rhododendrons and azaleas. In Mustila they have had the knowhow for over 100 years. Mustila Garden grow for example different kind of Magnolias and plenty of different kind of treasures for your garden. They work for better and more beautiful garden so I think they grow food for our souls.

Mustila Garden photo by

We all have our own history and memories. Flowers are often present when something important happens - in different kind of celebrations. A lot of our memories connected to garden and flowers are from grandma's place or childhood home's garden or maybe a place where you made a trip you never forget. Maybe you stole a piece of pink flower from your favorite place and you keep it between your diary pages. Flowers have inspired many artists and creatives - there is no question about it - they nourish our souls. Not only by how they look but also how they have magical scent too.

Mustila Garden photo by

They say gardening is a secret of a longer life and it might be only a belief but there are reasons to believe it too. True or false - garden makes people happier and relief stress. Gardening is truly slow living and you have to wait a whole year to try again and I think the way we live our lives nowadays we might need a pause and that is what nature or garden offers us. A moment of connection with the world we are part of and where we are coming from. We are not made of iron or plastic.

Mustila Garden photo by

My final pic in Mustila Garden Instagram takeover was this pic of grandpa's and grandmom's attic. It's a picture of something important to me. I created it at my workspace and it's totally product of my imagination. But it's very connected to my childhood memories. I'm rooted strongly to a farm house, my mom's childhood home. 

I lively remember how I loved to spent my summer days following my grandpa and my uncle working with cows. Every morning I tried to wake up early to get to see how they were milking the cows and I was always a bit late. There are all things together in my mind: scents of cows and fresh cutted hay, small potato field and the feeling of warm soil under my bare feet, strawberry cake, wild summer flowers and midsummer roses with scent of cardamon baked roll and the funny sound of cuckoo clock that I still have at my workspace even though it doesn't work anymore. This attic is a symbol of all that. A secret place, full of old things and memories. This is what I think we all need - a safe haven. For me it was this picture for you it can be something else like a corner of your balcony with plants and flowers or your garden where you can jump off the running horse and pause your life for awhile. Because we all need it.

Storytelling can be powerful and affective but often it have to be a right story in the right place and that is the challenge. 

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