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Since the last August I've been organizing flower workshops at my workspace työhuone ovi 10. Why? Purely because I love love love flowers. At työhuone ovi 10 there are 5 creatives working. We all have our own room plus we share a big space where we can make different kind of things like workshops. Today I made a photoshooting with flowers. I want to learn and this is how I do it.

I did 6 workshops with floral designer Hanna Piippo during autumn. First one was with ecological lifestyle magazine Huili. It's my favorite magazine in Finnish of course. I made a blog post about the workshop, you can read it here.  Idea of flower workshops has been a success and I've noticed that now it's really trending.  Not to mention all kind of workshops. Helsinki is buzzing, people are organizing workshops a lot and I think it is a great thing because these one day or shorter workshops gives us a chance to learn something new without longer commitment. With other words - fun learning.

I had an idea of flower workshop more than two years ago before I could make it happen. I've been an independent professional photographer and artist over two years now and I have been so thrilled to develope my ideas to reality. Workshop doesn't just happen, you make quite a lot of work before it does. In January I had one intimate workshop on my own with very small group. It wasn't only about flowers it was about composition in still life. But of course we had flowers too with vintage props and fruits. Very classic.

The latest news is Creative Flower Workshop by Laura Syväniemi from @lovejunedesign She is Finnish talented stylist and floral designer who has worked and lived in Australia but now she has returned to Finland. I was happy when I found her because her work is very beautiful and she has a very good eye for colors and style. We can learn a lot from her. Her work has been in international wedding blogs like Magnolia Rouge and Adorn Magazine.  

With Laura I have planned carefully our very first workshop. We want to make your day relaxed with beautiful flowers, photography and with tasty food by talented cook and cooking book author Meri-Tuuli Lindström. It is on Sunday 12 of March. Go and see more information in FB event. You will find it here. We will have another one on Sunday 23th of April. You will find it here.

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ps. I will revamp my blog's layout in this spring. This look has been live about two years. This is the third one already, haha I started blogging in 2012. Can't wait to make it!

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