Wednesday, March 20, 2019



These tulips grew in my garden, waiting eagerly them again this spring.

The shop is open for one week, 17-24th of March. I've promised it so many times and now it's real. Go and see and pick your favorite. You can find my shop here. Welcome!

I'm Fine is the name of this work. The most popular photo at the moment in my shop. 

There are two sizes. 20cm x 25cm and 32cm x 40cm. If you like to have a bigger one then you can mail me: If you live in EU you can buy online but if you are from other countries then please send me e-mail and we can take it forward from there.

These tulips I photographed at my workspace in January 2018.

Winter feeling in January, 2019.
I have this thing to get emotional when I work with flowers. Sounds familiar? If I manage to create something I really really like, I have tears in my eyes.  Quite many of these have brought me tears in a good way.

All the works in my shop are special for me in some way. We all have our own life, experiences, memories, hopes and dreams and we find different kind of things beautiful. I tried to choose different kind of photos for the shop but till now there have been couple of subjects that have been the most popular.  

Blue prints are fascinating and poppies are amazing.
Moonstone, 2018 I already bought some China Aster seeds also Moonstone seeds. Yummy! 

Like a painting. I got assignment from The Green Garden magazine and this is what I did. 

Yes, I've also asked to photograph light backgrounds. I did. Can't get enough of these French Tulips. You can find these beauties in the newest Asun magazine but in different photo.

You can find such a variety of colors in one flower. Perfect for a flower arrangement.

Poppies, Poppies and Poppies. Need to say more?
You have nine pics to choose from in my shop. Which one is your favorite?

Some news coming up too! Next flower workshop weekend will be on 4-5.5. May. Saturday will be flower arrangement workshop and Sunday flower photography workshop Sign up will open in April. Follow my IG or FB. If you want to join in my mailing list, mail me:

I also have a tip for you. When you buy a dark print like mine then you should buy non reflective glass like Artglass AR 70™, Museum Glass®  and the glass should not touch the photo. A tiny gap is enough. So a small piece of thin cardboard is fine but it should be  acid-free.

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