Friday, January 24, 2020



That is the direction we are going with floral design or I am with so many like-minded artists and floral designers.

These Anemones are grown in Finland. They are grown in green house at Martin Tarha. They are stars of this coming up flower arrangement.

Chicken wire size 40cm x 40cm, tile and moss

with reusable plastic tubes if not possible to use ceramic or other container inside the chicken wire. Moss can be bind on chicken wire with metal wire, jute twine or fishing line. You can use chicken wire again and again.

 I chose Ranunculus with Anemones. These Ranunculus are grown in Italy.

I use a lot of dried flowers with fresh flowers. I dry flowers that are leftovers from my flower designs. I can use same dried flowers again and again when I make flower photography. The Narcissus was grown in Netherlands.

Oxypetalum is one of my winter favorites. Now I have to admit that I don't remember which country they were grown Italy or France.

It's not easy to create ecological and sustainable floral design but not too hard either. You just have to think more, choose more carefully your flowers and you have less to choose from expecially in winter time. You can dry flowers and plants during summer and autumn and you can use them during winter.

Life is never black and white only and it's hard to be 100% ecological and sustainable but small steps matters. 

But one thing is for sure. Don't use floral foam - ever. It was invention that took floral design to next level in 1950´s but it has a huge disadvantage and that is microplastics. Floral foam is not the biggest problem in the world but still we need to invent other ways to create the most beautiful floral designs and luckily it is possible.

Royal Horticultural Society has banned floral foam use in all RHS shows from 2021. There are strong sustainable floristry movement that speaks on behalf of respecting nature by creating floral design that doesn't destroy nature. 

We all have our own way to express ourselves. My floral designs combines the sweet beauty of fresh flowers with edged wilting and decayed beauties. Circle of life. From sprouts to decay.

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