Monday, March 25, 2013

Is It Vintage - Easter with Jupiter

New posting series comes here: Is It Vintage. It will come out once in the month but not always the same way. I thought it would be great to begin your week with Jupiter. They are designed by talented designer and artisan Raija Uosikkinen. She worked as a decorator and designer for Arabia in 1947 - 1986. Jupiter was manufactured in the years 1960-67 and Arabia is very Finnish brand. You can find almost all her production here. If you want to know a little about Raija Uosikkinen, it´s here. And if you feel you want to buy some old Finnish tableware you can find it here. If you are interested about new Arabia, it's here. If you are interested in older Arabia by designer(valitse suunnittelija), decoration(valitse koriste) or stamp (valitse leima), you find great information here. It's only in Finnish but you need only few words and I've written them after english versions, see above...Ok? Hopefully. Do ask if not.

Yes, now we get back to oh, so wonderful Jupiter! You might already know my love to vintage and old things. Well, here's some ideas to your Easter table setting. Feathers, flowers and unbleached cotton fabric.


by gretchen gretchen

by gretchen gretchen

by gretchen gretchen

Easy and light. Voilà. Wonderful Easter!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Sketchbooks makes the world go round

by gretchen gretchen
a lot of dots

It all started from here. I saw Alison Worman's beautiful and curious sketchbooks in Book By Its Cover blog. I totally fell in love with the idea of big piles of sketchbooks. But it took time before I really started to make one. 

by gretchen gretchen

Last year in the end of November I found The Sketchbook Project 2013. I ordered their sketchbook and had 15 days time to make mine before the deadline. But I decided to do it anyway and you can read about my thoughts when I got it ready from here.

by gretchen gretchen

Well, now these sketchbooks are on the tour. I just visited The Sketchbook Project's blog and found some really great books by talented people from there. So if you have extra time or nothing to do - go there. If you feel not so eager, here's few I found quite interesting:

...and I'm sure there are plenty more gems if you just dive in.

You can find a lot of sketchbooks from project's digital library. They digitized books if you paid for extra. And of course that is a wonderful way to make the project visible to all people. You can find my sketchbook from there too. I was happy when I got it ready - now when I'm looking at it I'd like to change so many things. But I'm lucky I can order new sketchbook and do it all over again. Yay!

by gretchen gretchen

I think sketchbooks are fascinating way of express ideas, thoughts and plans. They are a little bit like mood boards, when you make them - same time you work with ideas and thoughts what you have had or just create something totally new. 

by gretchen gretchen

See You next week! I'll be away from computer for awhile.


Link Love Creative - I Love Wood

Fourth time in everything. Spring do begin. More energy and coffee in the sun. No more snow, thank you. Hand picked links for your eyes only.

 1. Wood work by Ariele Alasko

 ariele alasko
photo by Ariele Alasko

 2. Wood work by Herriot Grace

 Herriot Grace
photo by Herriot Grace

3. I love wood by gretchen gretchen in Pinterest.

i love wood by gretchen gretchen

Thursday, March 14, 2013

TOP 8 List - Blog Rocks like a hurricane

No I'm not a fan of Scorpions but I'm fan of many lovely blogs. Let's take a look to all these 8 great blogs and I'm not saying these are only ones. There are plenty of them! The task isn't easy at all. I'm fan of all these fine blogs and  I have different kind of reasons why to pick up them today. If you ask me tomorrow I can tell 8 more. There is so many talented and skilled people here in our planet that it just blows my mind. And this list reminds me also of my to do -list. I should make a proper blogroll but you know it's on my list and hopefully happens in near future.

TOP 8 Blogs that Rocks

She Rocks! She is visual multi-disciplinary designer , propstylist, photographer, artist in my opinion and I admire her so much. Someday I would like to make photo shooting with her. You know, we need to have dreams.
She is also talent that I admire. She lives in Japan but she is an Australian artist and graphic designer. I love to see her work and Japan through her eyes. One day I like to travel to Japan.

Well need to say no more. I'm jealous. Inspiration to all people. She blogs about art. I wish a had money to buy some great art.

This is Julia Rothman's book review blog. It's been off for some time but now it's getting more writers and we are going to have it back. Yay! I should read more.

It is a Canadian design blog. It is about beautiful things, the decayed and handmade. And I love handmade, vintage, special and curious things.  I wish I had bigger cupboard.

This blog is an inspiration focused blog run by Elisabeth Dunker. It's Swedish so I just live next door in Finland. I admire her blog because she has very simple look and strong feeling in her blog. She also has very nice photography. Go and see for example homes of her friends. Adorable. You can find more homes in main page right sidebar Home of... homes are so nicely decorated, I wish I could get some order here at my home.

And 2 blogs from our lovely byw bb course:

This blog is sweet. Great work Cèline! At the moment I'm also interested about snail mail and handmade. I long for those moments when you received some nice cards or letters. They were special moments. Maybe I should write a love letter to my husband :) or remember my friend with beautiful card. Or maybe you have somebody who you have a little bit forgotten and maybe you could remember her/him with a lovely card or letter. Think about that. I wish I would have time and effort to write one.

Ok, yes both these ones has word circus in their name. Can't help it. Love the circus! Mette is doing also great work!! She is focused on DIY. I can see her real passion about it and I admire that. She has a goal. I like to be as focused.

I could add so many blogs from our class! Nice, talented and interesting people.  And if you now want to know my favorite music that rocks you find it here ! (and great video by the way)




Monday, March 11, 2013

New post series: Photography Concept and Styling

As I told you before I've been planning to start few new post series. Here is the first and biggest one. I'm so happy to tell you this! Photography Concept and Styling. I make a short photo essey about simple thing like word, shape, feeling, name, element, color, age, era, poem, quote etc.

First one is about triangle. A shape which has been in fashion for a while and now it has grown to shape of harlequin.  

triangle photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

triangle photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

With this series I want to work with different kind of possibilities to represent things and ideas. I'm interested in if it brings something new. Maybe it gives a birth to new ideas and views. I think this project will grow and choose its direction but that is a mystery to me at this point.

What would you like to see as a short photo essee? It would be wonderful to hear. So tell me simple thing like word, shape, feeling, name, element, color, age, era, poem, quote etc. You can leave a comment but if I were you I would send an email because that way nobody else can see it before it is online. You can find my email by just clicking contact button. Of course I make a decision. I try to choose from them but I won't promise anything. But I'm quite sure we'll make something great and new! And of course if it's your word, idea etc. I will tell your name also. This series will be posted once in the month. I will collect them all together and make a page for them in my portfolio.

So what do you think?

Have a great and creative week!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Create the perfect art wall

art wall by gretchen gretchen
Big red apples. They used to be at my grandparents house. It's a great memory.

Light! We have light. You can see the dust - maybe I should clean up - and in that light you notice that it's time to do something about your empty walls. 

Sometimes it takes time to hung up your art pieces, paintings, photos in frames, posters, jewellery etc. on the wall. But if they are in the boxes, cabinet or where ever, you can't see them. 

We painted our bedroom's walls straight away when we moved in. But walls have been empty for 3 years. It changed now. I'm totally happy when I'm looking at those beautiful things on the bedroom's wall. Now room has a special atmosphere. A lot nicer than it was before. Art wall is one kind of altar, I guess. I made collection of things which are important to me and of course beautiful. They remind me people around me, time, journeys we have made and gives inspiration. I used photos, paintings, pics, jewellery and old wall decorations. I'm also a little bit collector, I love to go flea markets, auctions, antique shops - I do have things to put on the wall.

You should create one if you don't already have one. Go and see what I have collected for you in Pinterest just for inspiration. And here you can see easy way to plan the wall. You need only tape and paper. I skipped that and I just build the composition on our bed. My art wall isn't ready yet. It will grow with more precious pics and things. Its part of our life. 

What kind of art wall you have?


Friday, March 1, 2013

New look in gretchen gretchen! See the moodboard video

moodboard by gretchen gretchen 2013
Just click the pic and see the video!

Hello Hello!
I'm back. I'd really like to tell you that I haven't touched the computer at all but that would be a lie. Nowadays one have to use computer in so many basic things like paying invoices. Anyway didin't use it almost at all except this week when I've been making new look to my blog. Have to admit that it was a little bit hard to live without my mac but the great thing was that suddenly I had a lot of time to do something else! Like paint, read and sew.

I also have new links in my blog like my work portfolio. For the first time you can go and see my professional work. I'm planning to make few new things here but they will appear when they are ready. Do you like the design? It's so different than before. I wanted to simplify the header. This project was very challenging. To clear my head - I made a moodboard. I also made a video of making it which you can see just by clicking the photo. Moodboard was a wonderful tool in focusing what kind of design I wanted. Yes, I have made the design even though I'm not a graphic designer. I also have bigger and more informative about section. So now getting to know me is easy. Below you can see pics of old gretchen gretchen layout. Things changes.

I guess this is it. A new beginning. Second year of blogging.

Täällä ollaan kera uuden designin. Mitäs tykkäät? Uusia juttuja on myös linkeissä kuten portfolio, josta löydät valokuvia. About on myös omana sivunaan ja siellä voit käydä lukaisemassa tästä blogista ja minusta. Muutama juttu on vielä tulossa mutta ne tipahtelee blogiin tässä kevään aikana sitten pikkuhiljaa.


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