Monday, May 27, 2013

3 blog posts I like - Slow down blogger

What kind of blog post you love? When you are surfing in blogosphere aren't you quite happy when you find a post or someone you totally agree and feel sympathy and companionship.

I decided to pick three blog posts that I want to share with you today. I was very happy to find these and love to share them because I think there are something good and respectable in every one of them. I give you a tip. This post is long, so first crab a cup of coffee. This is the longest post I've ever written.

The first blogger is Erin Loechner and her blog is Design For Mankind. She wrote a post about slowing down blogging. What happens in blogosphere? A need to blog 5 times a week, keep up the speed and trying to find more and more new things first to blog about, tweet and make facebook status etc. It's not only blogging that is in its speed. Yesterday I read from newspaper that nowadays we even walk more faster than before. That was somehow funny but it tells also something about us and our daily life. There are many reasons why I like the idea to slow down. What do you think? I never have blogged 5 times a week but I'm not a pro anyway. Erin wrote about The rebirth of slow blogging. Go and read it and tell me what you think about it!

design for mankind blog
"there is more noise, and my ears are tired." writes erin

I love pictures - their silence but in the same time I want to hear their voice. Strong voice. A very good photo or picture is not so easy to make.

But still there are so many good pictures and photos. Maybe even too many if we look our Pinterest account. But I enjoy of them. It's great to see what other people are doing around the glope. The amount of ideas - you might get lost in there somewhere, I admit. Suddenly you notice that somebody has already done your super idea...or did you see it in Pinterest and after awhile you invented it and don't even remember that you did see it in Pinterest. This is not about copy cats. This is about our mind that just works mysterious ways.

As we all know ideas goes circles and we process them in our own way. What makes picture interesting to you? I think to me it is about composition, the feeling and rich content. There are many other words that could describe pictures but this time I use these words. As a photographer I might look pics a little bit different way and more precise...and sometimes I wish I had an on/off button on my head.

Dietlind Wolf
her styling has beautiful rythms

So the second post and the blogger or maker or actually I would call her artist is Dietlind Wolf. She is a wonder woman of styling and making ceramics and props. She is also a photographer. What a talent. What a skilled woman. Her work speaks to you without my words. I just wish I could have a piece of her talent. I chose one of her picture posts(you see above) but if you go and visit her blog, you'll learn that she has many strong posts. You can also see it demands a lot of work and time. Please go and see her work - it makes your day.

Both these women has been in Hive this weekend so as you see this was a very good example of how your subconscious works. I've read about Hive quite many times from different sources and now I'm writing about 2 of their speakers. Hm.

Let's move on. 

Third one but not the least one is one blog post I found just by google search words: slow blogging movement. It's written by Anthony K. Tjan and the title is It's Time for a "Slow Conversation" Movement.

by Anthony K. Tjan and the title is It's Time for a "Slow Conversation" Movement
sometimes it is just better to call
We, communication and media. Images, stories, quotes, likes, tweets, pins, e-mails, subscriptions, links, search, tips, news, updates, followings, smart phones, facebook, instagram, feed, blogs, portfolios, online workshops, growing the number of readers, youtube, vimeo, e-mags, iPads, name it. 

The list of what we do and make is endless....sounds familiar? No? Maybe? Yes? 
I've noticed how much time I can spend with my mac. Too much - time to time. I don't have iPad or smart phone. But even without them I just wonder how we can keep up the speed? Is the speed part of our daily life in the future too? There are so many new medias and we are just learning to live with them in harmony. We have possibilities to be all the time connected and we can share so many things straight away and we get instant feedback - why do we have to? And why we need to? What it gives to us? Do we survive without it anymore? Do you feel suddenly lonely when you are not connected? Who likes when you make a dinner or take the dog out? Actually nobody knew that you are making the dinner and taking your dog out before facebook...or your family knew.

I liked a lot Mr. Tjan's writing. Expecially the first subheader Focus on being present in the moment, not recording it. It is so true. There are quite many good points he brings up. I can tell you my experience of my godchild's dance performance. Instead of making a video of it I could have just watched it and felt the presence of young dancers making their best. Of course now I have a recording of it but it won't be the same. I missed the feeling. Please read his post even though you wouldn't be interested about Harward Business Reviews. Sometimes it is good to change habits.

Finally I want to cherise the slow blogging movement. In spring I wrote on my About page that I will blog 1-2 times a week. I prefere quality. That is amount I can live without too much pressure. I enjoy blogging. I love to see new things happening. I like to "meet" new people and read blogs and e-mags. I want to improve my blog. I like the atmosphere. I admit that I have to be a little bit careful not to be too much connected. I have to also be careful not to overdo things. It happens so undetected. Something to learn. I think we live very interesting time because we have so many great new things around us. We just have to learn to live with them.

What do you think about slow blogging? Does it sound too trendy to you? Or is it already done and forgotten? I think it is one part of slow living and I feel it makes us more free. But somehow it maybe also makes a demand of better content.

If you read the whole post - I want to thank you. I'm very happy and I hope I could give you some challenging thoughts. This is a challenge to me also.


ps. Did you like my green underlines? Did it help you to read or was it disruptive? I thought that if you are on hurry you can scan the text quite fast...if you want to.


  1. Dear Kreeta,
    i read your article with my smartphone and the green help a lot for the navigation of the text, i really liked it!
    I agree completely with your views on speed and running after content. I think with beeing accessible all the time we forgot to go after our own rhythm. I think it is important to ask ourself how we wanna life our life and how we wanna feed our brain and body. as fish we often go with the storm, but sometimes it's good to swim somewhere else and rest or think and be inspired by simple things. and these things to me are essential to live a good, inspired life.
    Thanks for bringing your thoughts.

  2. Thanks Alena! I'm happy to hear this! I was thinking underlining because the post was soooo long and hoped that it would help and it did! Sometimes it is good to take time to think...if one have time. We all know's complicated.

  3. Onnellinen löytö - mielenkiintoisia ajatuksia, kauniita asioita blogissasi! Tulipa ahmittua, palaan uudelleen ajan kanssa, kiitos!

  4. Hello Kreetta! I loved this post. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the blogging world. It seems like it take over our lives! It is great to see that other people think about that too. I will read the articles carefully. Thanks for sharing.
    I loved the green highlight. I might incorporate it to my posts as well. May I?
    Have a lovely and inspired week!

  5. Moi Kaardemumma! Kiva kuulla! Kiitos! Tulepa vaan toistekin!

  6. Hello Rosa! Thank you! Sometimes it is good to stop to think what you are doing...and highlightning isn't my brainchild so I guess it's a free world:)Have a happy day!

  7. I agree Kreetta - and I will have to take the time to read the articles and posts you suggested. I enjoy the online world - but its restlessness also scares me a bit. I think it is really changing something in our personalities and minds that we're (almost) always accessible and virtually connected. I haven't really found a solution for myself yet but I feel that I have to be a lot stricter with myself than I am right now.

  8. Dear Kreetta, I enjoy your posts because you are raising up interesting questions.

    I just came back from the Hive and loved to see Dietlind Wolf and Erin as an example. Both had been there at the conference (Erin through a hangout conference).

    I had decided to do less networking this time but spending more time with few people which turned out to be a great decision. I felt so much better that the fast business card interchange and just a few words with many.

    Same with blogging. I have been much more irregular lately but just because I did not have the time and didn't want to publish just something. Commercially speaking it is not the best decision but it is from an inner perspective. So, it is fine and it feels good. But I do respect pro bloggers who really put a lot of effort into it posting daily once or even more.

    I guess it is a very personal choice and I believe too we all have different moments during our blogging journey.

    Hope yours is just rewarding! xoxo

  9. Hi Lena!
    We are all the time learning and we are aware of so I guess we are safe :)

  10. Hi Gudy!

    I agree that everybody has their on rythm in their life and work. That is very good point. If you are a pro blogger you are a pro - you do like pro does. Not like me. Maybe one day I'll be a pro.

    I really admire bloggers who can do good quality and inspiring posts through the year 5 or more times a week. I just wanted to raise a question because I like to make questions about things we all think. I don't have answers but with raising questions I want to get people to think things that might feel obvious but they are not if you think more clearly :)

    There are plenty of bloggers who makes so much work and try to keep up or get recognition and I think they are my target group mainly in this post.

    But in this post I want to also question our use of time. That is for everybody. To me also :)

    Thanks Gudy for your comments and great point of views!

    xo Kreetta

  11. slow blogging and scan the text doesnt fit together :) i am a 'slow blogger' by heart..and i prefer blogs with a slower rythm..people who put love and special thoughts, pictures the message..

  12. Hello Susanne!

    That is a very good point.

    I guess I stumbled with my own thoughts. I meant that you can easily go throught the text with these underlines and then go back to read the whole text if you are interested to. I thought even people who is in hurry - there are so many hard working people here - can get something out of my writing in short time and IF they have time they can come back and read it more carefully. Even though I speak for slowing down I don't want to ignore the situation of our society what it means to us - in many case - too busy days. It is hard to jump off from the treadmill.

    I also love to read more deeper blog posts. Thank you for stopping by Susanne! See you!


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