Sunday, November 16, 2014

Learning Porcelain Painting vol. 1

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My mom visited us this weekend. I decided to ask her to teach me some porcelain painting. Yesterday we went to buy some utensils for me. I don't remember if I have told you before that I found a huge box of old porcelain painting colors from one flea market last summer. They were so cheap that I decided to buy them anyway...even though I didn't know if they were still ok. As you might know the colors in porcelain painting are in powder form.

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I bought them because they looked soo lovely. Beautiful colors...and I was quite sure I needed them, haha. If I don't use them in porcelain painting I can always invent something else. I think they are perfect for decorating or as a prop. They are so adorable.

learning porcelain painting photo by
...and what did I learn today?

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A lot. I learned that painting porcelain isn't easy. Yes, I know..sorry to say. You know I like to improvise...maybe not a good idea in porcelain painting. You have to practise. 

It's a good thing to have a steady hand. You need a good light. You have to know how the colors react...I mean you can't just paint all the colors same time or mix them. You need oil with these old color powders. But there are also water soluble colors. You have to make your color with palette knife and be sure there aren't any lumps...they will destroy your work in kiln. You can fire porcelain few times. So it's a slow process. Comparing to working with clay where you fire your glazing once or twice working with porcelain is more carefully planned...

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As you can see in the picture - my coffee cup is still unpainted. The reason why it is - I have to do some practising, haha. I find porcelain painting interesting...but I have to have a better plan what I'm doing. I love to work quite relaxed and free way with clay and acrylic painting so porcelain painting is a challenge for me. It needs to be thought more thoroughly. Kreetta is in trouble, haha.

The cup is waiting me on my workspace's table. Let's see what happens next!

..and thank you Mom!



  1. so happy for you!1 it¨s fine art with unending possibilities ;)

  2. Thank you Annele :)
    Yes it is and there are many paths to choose from...

  3. the complet color scheme has taken me already. can't wait to see more.

  4. Hello Annton!
    Yes, I could eat those colors ;)
    Let's see how it goes...


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