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We love cakes! Today we celebrate Lab Noon's birthday party with having a link party. Congrats Lab Noon! There might be best cake ever! You can find all the other great celebrating food blogs in the end of this post. There is also a giveaway in Lab Noon's blog.

But now I want to tell you about my cake! I love summer and I love to enjoy summer days as much as possible in the garden. Summer is so short here in Scandinavia that you really have to try enjoy every bit of it. So it is a very good idea to have a nice garden party. Parties are always something that you need to work a little bit. If you have garden party then you really have to decide what works there for example on a very warm summer day. 

And yes, I have the coolest - the coolest ever - cake for you. Cute tiny watermelon cake. It is fresh and delicious and very simple to make. It's almost only a watermelon you need.



fresh berries

mint or lemon balm

cream (i used coconut cream but you can choose your favorite cream)
other things like vanilla extract, rose water, candy, chocolate, fruits you want to use in decorating the tiny cakes.


Find a glass that has straight edges or other enough sharp cylinder shaped item. You can also use professional cutters, then cutting is really easy. I had a bit decorated glass but it worked just fine. You just have to be a bit careful.

Cut the watermelon. Cut it for the height you want your tiny cake to be. After that you can push the glass to the watermelon. After you have made a circle there, you can also use knife to cut the watermelon. But with glass you get nice round shaped ones that are pretty as they are. You can do it quite slowly that the piece of watermelon doesn't stuck in the glass. I have to admit it was quite fun :) You really should not use design glass like this but you get nice pic though, haha! The glass is by Iittala and the designer is Oiva Toikka. He is now 84 years old. Very famous designer in Finland.

Why I used the glass because it was just right size with my tiny ceramic cake holders. I have made them from paper clay. I've been waiting a chance to use them as a photo prop and now I could. When I was making them in ceramic course people were a bit amused by them. "Where do you use them?" they asked me. They said they liked them but couldn't imagine the purpose. Can you? You can use them with small cakes, pastries like macarones and muffins. You can also have your ring and earrings there on your nightstand ;) As you see very useful.

As we are talking about watermelon we know how wet it is, so when you are cutting the cakes, you can dry them a bit with paper towel. Save them in cool place before serving. 

Don't they look adorable? There are possibilites to take this idea even more further. You can also have a DIY cake garden party. Everybody can decorate their own cakes or maybe even make the whole thing. That would be great fun! 

So let's have a party! This post is one of Lab Noon's virtual birthday party. There are several nice recipes for you to enjoy. So please go through the links below and find your favorite cake!


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You can also win very nice giveaway by leaving a comment on Lab Noon's post. Shipping is only available in Europe.

What do you think - are you going to make some watermelon cakes? You can always make a one big if you aren't a friend of tiny little things...



  1. What a creative little dessert. Not to mention so beautifully photographed.
    I am so glad to have found this blog. I love the mood and styling in your photography..

    1. Thank you Aysegul! You have also great blog and nice to meet you! Beautiful cake you made!

  2. What a great idea!! These look so beautiful and delicious!! <3

    1. Thank you so much Laura and Nora!
      I am so happy took the time to visit my blog! I love your blog!

  3. Oh dear Kreetta! These could be my favorites of the whole party! So simple, so light! How do you make coconut cream by the way?
    I love your styling and photography!
    Thanks again for taking part in this virtual party :)

    1. Hi Saghar!
      Thank you so much! It was so fun to do! Well, the coconut cream was a bit challenging. I put the coconut milk cans upside down in fridge and until they are cool and then open and pour the water away (can be used to smootihies etc) and in bottom you have thick cocnut cream thatt you whip. Maybe some vanilla with. It have to be cold all the time otherwise it won't work. Thank you for taking me to your party!

  4. Vautsi! Ihan mahtava idea. Varmasti kesän raikkain jälkiruoka :)

    1. Todellakin! Olin ihan fiiliksissä, kun survoin design lasia läpi vesimelonin :) haha.


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