Monday, May 20, 2013

Link Love Creative - Shape and Form

9 is my number today. Have you ever thought how many different kind of shapes you see even before you have had your morning coffee? World of shapes and forms is just unbelievable. Mother nature has infinite imagination. I surely like to have a piece of it. Hand picked links for your eyes only. Have a creative week!

1. Brett Freund ceramics

by Brett Freund
photo © Brett Freund

2. Wearable art post by Trend Tablet
Right : Delight of Light Yuru Ma & Mengyue Wu, Donghua University Shanghai, ChinaLeft: Second skin Haley May & Fiona Christie, Wellington, NZ. Photo © Trend Tablet

3. Illustration of Lisa Leierth

© Lisa Leierth

ps. Last week I made a photo essey of Tillandsia and you find it here. You can win a Tillandsias that I can send you where ever you live here in our Planet Earth. They are easy to take care of and you know they don't need soil. They travel light. Good luck!


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