Friday, September 28, 2012

Big pics - small thoughts - pieniä ajatuksia isoista asioista

Oh no, this time I have to admit that things didn't go as I planned. I almost bought a camera that I really need but I bought only a world's smallest lens instead. Or I mean it feels like it is smallest I've ever had... It's Canon 40mm 2.8. A pancake lens. It's really funny and yes I took this blurry butterfly pic with it. Next week I will have a proper camera and hopefully photoshop because I'm getting symptoms of I have told you before that photoshop is part of photographer's identity...haha.

butterfly by gretchen

Why I photographed a butterfly? It is a little bit damaged scientific sample of Apollo butterfly. If I remember right I bought it from one second hand shop in Stockholm few years ago. Butterflies are fascinating. Metamorphosis and ephemeral life...but I think this Apollo has a timeless aura and strong connection to life and death. I photographed it because I wanted to tell and show you this little creature which exists in a little bit freeky way and that's why it might exist longer than any of us even though it's damaged. 

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