Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Air Plant - Tillandsia - ilmakasvi

Do you remember when I told you that I brought two Tillandsia to home from Berlin? We found them from Handmade Supermarket in Markthalle Neun in Kreutzberg. I promised to make displays with them and here they are. And as you see they are still alive! I hope I can keep them alive through winter. Have to learn more about them and try my best.These gorgeous ones are from Till.

I made two different kind of homes for them. I read that it is easier to Tillandsia live above other plant. They need moist air. Have to admit I'm a little bit scared of winter. Maybe I have to buy a plant light for them. I'd really like to see them grow.

air plant

Muistatko, kun kerroin ostaneeni kaksi Tillandsiaa eli ilmakasvia Handmade supermarketista Berliinin Kreutzbergistä.Ne ovat vielä elossa! Hyvälaatuisia ovat, kun ovat selvinneet minun hoidollani, kiitos Tillin. No mutta joka tapauksessa silloin lupasin toteuttaa muutaman idean miten niitä voi laittaa esille. Tässäpä kaksi ensimmäistä. Perusajatus oli, että kosteutta kaipaavat kasvit ovat ovat hyvä laittaa toisen kasvin päälle. Pitänee kuitenkin vielä googlata ja lueskella miten saan ne pysymään elossa läpi pimeän talven. Kasvilamppu lienee ostolistalla kuitenkin.

air plant
You just rotate the yarn around wire very tight all the way. Then you twist a kind of nest on top of it as you see in the picture. 

air plant

air plant

With buttons you just push the wire through them. It's easy. You can also make your own plant world using different kind of plants and materials. In Finland you aren't allowed to pick up moss, lichen, cut fresh sprigs from the trees without landowner's permission. I don't know how it goes in your country. But I guess you find great things from flower shops also. But what do you think - aren't they lovely!

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