Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fiber art vol. 3 - lankoja ja kauneutta

Daniaelle Simonsen
Bear Fight (detail), 2009

Daniaelle Simonsen

"I always start out with a drawing on tracing paper. From there, I make a mess of fabrics and threads on my desk and sort out what will work best for the piece. That's my favorite part of the process."

Daniaella Simonsen
Wolf Fight (detail), 2009

Her work is beautiful. 

"I'm obsessed with loveliness. I desire to find beauty and delicacy in my subject matter, which usually contains a small piece of my life story. In that sense, I am embellishing my life to appear more ethereal and beautiful than it is or can be."

Daniaelle Simonsen
Atonement (detail), 2009

Daniaelle Simonsen
Atonement, 2009

Daniaelle Simonsen
Rise and Fall, 2012

Skilled drawing.

She will be showing her work in November in Tokyo at the Shinjyuku Ganka Gallery. It is a group show.

One more to show. There is always something new.

Daniaelle Simonsen
Sun is Going Down, 2012

If you want to know more about Daniaelle and her work go to see her website or read her blog. If you missed 2 previous artist - here they are Joetta Maue and Julia Elsas.

All photos copyright Daniaelle Simonsen. 

To be continued...with one more artist. 

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