Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fine fiber art - tekstiilitaiteilijan jalanjäljillä

During this week I will introduce 4 interesting artists and their work. Fiber art is something that you don't see everyday, yet. But we do use different kind of fibers in our everyday living. Actually we can't live without fibers. We need our clothing and it's nice to have bed linen and carpets, towels, curtains... so many things. And what else can get as close to us as our clothing? 

Tällä viikolla esittelen sinulle 4 mielenkiintoista tekstiilitaiteilijaa. Se on mielestäni taidemuoto, joka elää edelleen hieman marginaalissa. Voin toki olla väärässäkin mutta joka tapauksessa ensimmäisenä on vuorossa Joetta Maue, jonka loistavan Connective thread -blogin kautta löysin myös nämä 3 muuta taiteilijaa, joihin palaan tällä viikolla. Mutta nyt on Joettan vuoro. 

Joetta Maue
2 sides by Joetta Maue 2012

When I started to seek and read blogs I found Joetta Maue's curated blog called Connective thread. You can find it from my blog's sidebar from category Brilliant blogs. I knew that fiber art existed but it's world was quite new thing to me. I was really glad when I found Joetta's work and many other talented fiber artists through her blog. In Joetta's work I really like the warmth of the moment. Somehow I feel that fiber art is close to my heart because it is connected to sewing, embroidery, knitting, braiding etc. I started sewing when I was very young. I made a lot of my own clothing. My dream was that I'd be a famous fashion designer someday. Well, now I'm a photographer and I love my profession. But maybe my dream is still alive somewhere in back of my head. I will just introduce these talents to you and I won't be making any interpretations about their work. I show you artist's work with their own words how they describe their starting point and work. I think that way you get best of it.

Joetta Maue

"My work starts by observing life and living it. My work documents the moments in intimacy that I want to relish and celebrate or that I want to investigate further. The text work is a documentation of the inner dialogue that occurs within ones mind in regards to love and intimacy.  I usually start with the idea and then turn that into a drawing that becomes the piece. But sometimes the idea comes spontaneously."

Joetta Maue

Joetta Maue

 And her older production...my favorite dancing girl...

Joetta Maue
she danced ... ,
hand embroidered, appliquéd, cut, and stained re-appropriated linen,
As installed at Parlour Antics, Brooklyn NY 2011

Joetta Maue
8 months,
hand embroidered, appliquéd, & painted re-appropriated linen with found cloth, 44 x 85 in. 2011

There's lot more about her and her work in her website and her personal blog littleyellowbirds.

Lisää tietoa ja kuvia Joettasta hänen omilla sivuillaan tai blogissa littleyellowbirds.

All photos by Joetta Maue.

You can find her work at the moment:

September 10 - October 05 2012  
Hugh N. Ronald Gallery at Arts Place. Portland, Indiana.


September 23 – January 13, 2013 

The artists in Self/Fabricated - Ilona Anderson, David Curcio, Wylie Garcia, Jan Johnson, Joetta Maue, Leslie Schomp, and Candice Smith Corby - re-examine the use of cloth originally used for craft and domestic activity as a new means to paint or “draw” on or from...
The Art Complex Museum, Duxbury MA. 

To be continued...

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