Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fiber art vol. 2 - kuituja ja käsitteitä

Julia Elsas
grey group 2012

Her name is Julia Elsas.  Her work differs from Joetta's a lot. Her color palette is narrower and much more minimalistic. Now with her own words and pictures. 

Julia Elsas

Julia Elsas
cyanotype 2012

"I am particularly interested in fabrics that are traditionally used in and associated with women’s intimate apparel, because I see them as suggestive of the tension between the revealed and the concealed in acts of courtship, flirtation, and sensuality."

Julia Elsas
uh-huh,yeah 2009

"I am interested in the universal human mating dance, which I see as a suspenseful and ambiguity-filled game. I explore the subtleties and tensions of desire and voyeurism."

Julia Elsas
untitled 2009

"In my work, I use my own body as the medium through which I investigate longing, self-reflection, relationships, and sexual and emotional tension."

All photos copyright Julia Elsas.

You can find more about Julia and her work from her website

Upcoming show:

a benefit auction at Dieu Donné:
Dieu Donné Benefit Exhibition
Dieu Donné

315 W. 36th Street, New York, NY 10018

September 20 - October 11, 2012

Opening Reception: September 20, 2012

Event and Auction: October 16, 2012

If you want to see or read more about fiber art, you can also go to see Fiber Art Now magazine or their pinterest boards. I found Bookself board most interesting. If you missed the first artist - Joetta Maue, you can find her here.

To be continued...2 more artist coming up.

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