Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fiber art vol. 4 - leijuvia lankoja

Amanda McCavour
Super-spiro-scripple Density Test, 2010

If you've been wondering why I write so much about fiber art that is simply because I feel that I'd love to do some also. I get inspiration from these talented women. And the last artist is Amanda McCavour. She has different and challenging technique as you can see. Work looks very fragile and it's floating in the air. I admire all these skilled women. They must have a lot of patience...

Jos ihmettelet miksi kirjoittelen juuri tekstiilitaiteesta niin selitys löytyy omasta halustani kokeilla kyseistä taidemuotoa. Mutta muutenkin on kiva kirjoitella inspiroivista asioista. Ja tekijöiden esittely tuntuu tällä hetkellä mukavalta tutustumisretkeltä muiden taiteilijoiden töihin ja työtapoihin. Kunpa itseltä löytyisi yhtä pitkää kärsivällisyyttä ja pieteettiä kuin näiltä naisilta!

Amanda McCavour

"For as long as I can remember I have been drawing and crafting things out of paper, glitter, glue, plastic beads and string. This is my foundation for an interest in material exploration. It continues to interest me that folding and cutting paper, can transform a blank sheet into a snowflake or that knotting embroidery floss can create a patterned bracelet.  It is these slight shifts in materials that still drives me to make work."

Amanda McCavour
Living Room, 2010-2011 photo by Agata Piskunowitcz

"My interest lies in creating spaces and objects that lie somewhere between real and drawn. I am interested in thread's assumed vulnerability, its ability to unravel, and its strength when it is sewn together."

Amanda McCavour
Floating Garden (detail), 2011 photo by Cheryl Rondeau

Amanda McCavour
Stand-In for Home (detail), 2009-2010

Amanda McCavour
Compound Tangle (detail) 2007

I love those hands.

You can read more about Amanda here.
Her upcoming shows here.

All photos copyright Amanda McCavour. 

This is the last post of 4 fiber artists. If you haven't seen previous ones - go and see  Joetta Maue, Julia Elsas and Daniaelle Simonsen. It was great fun to make this series and thank you for being here and hope you got some good vibrations! more thing. An interesting place I found just yesterday TextileArtsCenter. Great place to get inspiration, courses and something even more! And if you have someone in mind - who is also great fiber artist or artist - do tell me.

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