Sunday, January 12, 2014

I-N-S-T-A-G-R-A-M anno 2014

photo by Kreetta järvenpää with phone,

It's Sunday. My first week with Instagram is soon over. I'm so late with IG I know. But somehow I've felt it's too overwhelming - too many photos coming and going. Too much photo noise if you know what I mean.

But I did it. I saw Sandra's invitation to take part in IG challenge to take selfies. That was the final call to me. I took it and did it. I have had some troubles to accept phone as a camera. Forgive me. But I've thought you need a real camera. Well, I was so surprised when I opened a phone photo file in PS. Oh my god, photos size was so big 14,4M. I don't like to read manuals so I usually test and nowadays you can find so many good tutorials in YouTube. I think that's amazing. Sounds almost joke to say - watch a YouTube video. Or what you think?

photos by Kreetta järvenpää with phone,

These photos are taken with camera but not with any IG filters. I've noticed that VSCO is in big hype now. I haven't used it but so many does. Do you? Do you like it?

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Where I can find you in IG?


ps. These silver shoes I found many years ago in Beyond Retro shop in Stockholm. I think they give quite nice sparkle to our winter Sunday. Have a lovely week!


  1. This post is so interesting! I understand you, I also had trouble considering a mobile phone as a medium for my own photography. Till I purchased my current i-Phone . Then everything changed! It' s great to see things from a new, fresher prospective.

  2. Well, I have I need to upgrade my mobile in some point :) We'll see when Barbara!

  3. Hi Kreetta, welcome to the world of instagram! I usually use an app called snapseed to edit my phone photos. I have a samsung, too, and I think it works fine, most photo apps are available for android, too, now. Even vsco - I just downloaded it and havent's really gotten into it yet, but we'll see.

  4. I have to try those also, Lena. Thanks for sharing! But I just compared my samsung photo to iPhone photo and iPhone won...

  5. I've enjoyed your debut into the IG world and your really fun selfie shots. I too just really started myself. Just started using VSCO and the filters they have, I imagine there's a lot more to play around with as time goes. Before I use a filter, I always play with the exposure, crop and possibly straighten on Snapseed. I'm @mel_chesneau
    xx M

  6. Sounds great Mel! I also have started to use vsco. Such a fun tool! See youin IG!


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