Saturday, January 18, 2014

Photography tip - backround matters

backround photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

I guess you've heard the words location, location, location! Yes, that you should listen. Location, light and the object you are shooting with your camera. How you choose your angle and how you approach the object? How you represent your vision? These are all very important things in making a great photo. You have to make a lot of decisions when you photograph and if you just stay relaxed it will help you to make even better photograph.

One thing I have to tell you is, how I've heard so too many times the word photoshop by now. Why not make a gret photo straight away. Not everything have to be fixed by our friend photoshop. How about to make that kind of photo shoot that you don't have to make any awesomeness with your magical PS. Just few ordinary things.

Why we make our world with PS...photoshop? Aren`t our world enough beautiful without artifical touch. Think about it. All those commercial pics of perfect people, dogs, cats...who wants to live in world they present? I'm not even going to content matter - that's a another story...

I have to say longer I take photographs, less I want to photoshop. I think renaissance of old-fashioned films and natural touch is trending and I truly hope so. But in digital form. All kind of filters used in digital images are very handy for us. Same time we go back - these filters - they imitate a lot different kind of films and materials like polaroid. No more neutral tones. Hooray!

What comes around goes around. I'm ready to renaissance. Totally. Are you?



  1. I was thinking about this too today in the morning...

    I follow a food blogger, Apt. 2B Baking and Co., a Brooklyn based photographer and baker. While she does use a digital camera for her professional work, all the images for her blog are shot with vintage film cameras. It is such a different way of photographing and I love the aesthetics.

    It is the same reason why I enjoy your blog so much. The simple, yet beautiful images - even if shot with a digital camera - but (as you wrote) not uber edited...



  2. Mielenkiintoista. Bloggaa lisää sun ajatuksia valokuvaamisesta, todella inspiroivaa ja ajatuksia herättävää lukea! Ehkä samalla opin jotain :)

  3. @Juliane,
    Thank you for your kind words, Juliane! I think we want to be more slower and more intensive and thoughtful in our own blogs - when we have a chance to do it. Thanks for sharing your favorite blog. Went to see it and it's good! I like the idea of imperfectness in perfect - if you know what I mean.

    Pohdintaa kirjoitettuna - ajatukset kiireisen viikon jälkeen perjantai-illalla. Katsotaan mitä seuraavaksi...Kiva jos inspiroi!!!


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