Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The year is new video - what happens now?

Wow. 2014. Happy New Year my dear reader! Once again it's a beginning of the new year.

Oh yes, what happens now? New things, new ideas, new hair, new shoes, new year brings possibilities and responsibilities. Have to make decisions...about things you want to do or want to change.

Balance? It is so (forgive me the bad word) hard. When you have some things in balance the other ones fall apart. So you end up trying to get all things to the sacred balance...or does it even exist - balance? The golden middle way just might be the answer but accepting that there is no balance. That's why we live. Things are changing all the time.

I hope you follow my thoughts but who wouldn't think things like this when something ends and begins? At least once in a year it is good to step back and think what is happening and where one is going. I think. It doesn't mean that you have to change everything or be sorry of everything that you haven't done.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's great to be who we are but let's be even more! Let's do something that we haven't done before. Once in the month. That sounds fair or maybe every second month sounds nicer. You can choose. I will do it. Are you? 

Why I wrote this? Why I'm thinking these things? The reason might be a programme I saw in Yle Teema channel. It was a documentary about American prime time tv series. Such a brainstormer. I use to study Television and Cinema Studies in university and this series just caught my eye and thoughts. It's all about people and their behaviour. We - people. People are strange. People are odd. And we sparkle! Everyone of us. That is so great. 


PS. I hope you liked my little New Year video. Had to play with sparkle sticks!


  1. Hello Kreetta! Happy New Year! Your posts are great as always. I feel with you, finding a balance is very difficult, especially when your life is filled with happenings. I love your challenge and I'll surely pick it up! I'll write about it in my own blog soon :)

  2. Hi Barbara!
    Sounds great! Let me know when you do :)


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