Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Link Love Creative - Plant me

Is it sixth time already? Oh, yes it is. Green is the color I want to see. Green is the color I want to cherish. Green is the power we can enjoy. Green home, plants and garden - what more can I say. Hand picked links for your eyes only.

totally awesome adam pogue's home photographed by old brand new
you can find some really good ideas for your home

ps. Just started with a new idea on photography, concept and's the very first one I did last month. I create this series once in the month.



  1. Love the plant in a teapot! So cute!

  2. Hej Kreetta,
    Keep up your lovely styling, photography and blogging - it's always a pleasure to visit and look around your blog!
    Kram Ingrid xx

    1. Tack så mycket Ingrid! It wouldn't be so fun without you, my lovely reader :)


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