Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Feeling Moment in Venice

Santa Maria della Salute Venice 2015 photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

It was my very first time in Venice in the summer 2010. We had a chance to be there only 24 hours. It wasn't enough. I wanted to go back. Winter in Venice sounded a good plan. Less people, winter coat, silent night, woolly hat, rubber boots, maze of the narrow streets. Haunting sounds of church bells in the darkness. Echoes of footsteps and sounds of talking people and dog barking. You know there are plenty of dogs in Venice, haha.

Venice, my love. I can't forget one film I have seen many years ago - Don't Look Now (1973) by Nicolas Roeg. Filmed in Venice. A thriller with strong atmospere and a bit scary and weird Venice. I use to study Cinema and Television Studies in university and this movie was crucial to me. I understood something. I wont be a researcher or reviewer. I want to be a maker. I wanted to make films and stories. I wanted to be a storyteller. Long story to tell how did that all happen...and I won't bore you with that. But let me just say I became a photographer who also makes videos.

But I warn you if you want to keep a pure romantic feeling of Venice I recommend you don't watch the movie. It's everything else than a pretty story. I feel Venice more romantic than scary. Odd it is anyway ;) and weird too where the streets are water. It's beautiful and adorable.  

Birds, bridges and people  Venice 2015 photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

This post is about something I feel strongly Venice. These photos and stories are the ones I want to show and tell you, something I think is very much Venice.

Churches, canals, birds and brigdes. 

They are everywhere. They make your path not very much staright forward - they make you wonder around and you might even lose the track of time and direction. Map is a good tool but learning the streets of Venice is not done in one day or two. I guess that is the good thing. A lot to explore.

Gondola Venice 2015 photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
Gondolas. Singing men. Small canals. 

Now it's winter time. Sun goes down after six o'clock. Days have been sunny and even a full moon two days ago. Magical. We've been lucky. Aqua alta "high water" highest tides happens during the full moon or a new moon. But during our visit here it's been fine. Humidity makes the weather quite chilly. Winter coat isn't too much at all. 

Torrono Venice 2015 photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

A lot to choose from. My absolutely best sweet find was the Torrone Tenero at Ruga Ravano from Pasticceria BAR Targa di Rizzetto. A perfect choise for gluten and dairy free diet. But I warn you it is sticky and very very sweet. But I love it! Bought some to take home with me. Gluten free pasta you can find from some restaurants like Osteria Antico Dolo and Antica Carbonera but there are plenty more. I guess it's more common nowadays. That's nice. I have broke my rules here and had some dairy products but it makes me a bit tired so I won't do it everyday and only in small portions. I also found an organic and gluten free grocery shop from Santa Croce. That was awesome find!

masks Venice 2015 photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

They have important role in Venice's history and if you have been in Venice you might have noticed the big amount of shops selling masks. It is so overwhelming that soon you don't want to see or buy any. But still...if you are planning to buy one I want you to find really really beautiful ones and I recommend you to have a walk in Castello. Ca' del Sol is the name of the shop. Their masks and hats are made with perfect skill. You have to visit there. 

In Venice people use to wear masks daily and because you couldn't see who's who - people were more equal. Masks gave more freedom and made things more secret too. Rich or poor, it didn't matter.

Scala Contarini del Bovolo Venice 2015 photo by Kreetta Järvenpää


There are always things you just can't do. You might feel a bit dissapointed. We have a 4 years old travelling guide of Venice. There were written that Scala Contarini del Bovolo will be walkable in 2012. Well, it wasn't. But that's ok, one more reason to come back...

Grand Canal  Venice 2015 photo by Kreetta Järvenpää


I love the blue moment. Grand Canal. Magical light. Romantic. Mystery. Pittoresque. This is a view from the Ponte dell'Accademia. 

How much beauty can one place hold? 

I will blog more about Venice but I guess the next post is more about the food and lifestyle. Let's see what happens. From tomorrow I will take part in The Art of Synesthesia: Venice Styling & Photography Workshop-Retreat. I'm very happy about it. There will be photographer & stylist Beth Kirby of Local Milk and stylist Ginny Branch Stelling and Skye McAlpine of From My Dining Table and of course classmates :) Happy to meet you all!


ps. As I have mentioned somewhere - I'm a writer wannabe. This time I truly wrote a long post. I hope not too many annoying grammar mistakes :) though. Thanks for reading!

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