Monday, April 22, 2013

Link Love Creative - It's different

This is number 7. Spring is finally here. I feel I need to find some silent moments. This is time of rethinking of everything, it's spring...everything will start all over again. I guess I'm thinking new directions. Have a thought. And you know me...don't forget the coffee or should it be tea this time? Hand picked links for your eyes only.

1. Listen to WorldStreams World Music for a while

WorldStreams World Music
not in every radio

2. Calm with photographer Beth Dow's work
can you hear the silence?

3. Write down your thoughts, ideas and draw your world 
- notebook and sketchbook love by gretchen in Pinterest
i like this is wonderful - sketchbook by alison worman

ps. I made photo collaboration as part of taking class in Holly Becker's Blog Boss course. That was great! Please do click and go see Natalie's Bjorn and Lion blog. You can see the pic also in my fb. The key word was nostalgia.



  1. Great post to start the the week !

  2. Every single one of your links is special. Thank you for this inspirational post! And a lovely photo over on Natalie's blog. Lucky her!

  3. Thank you, thank you Lena! I try to find interesting things. If it interests me - it might interest you too :)

  4. I love also the work of Alison Worman, I love the illustrations and fabric mix.
    I like the creation of books objects, like mini sculptures.

    1. I think she was one of the very first artists I found when I started travelling here in blogosphere. I found her through Book By Its Cover blog. Her books are amazing. Collage technique is my favorite even though I'm just getting there :)



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