Thursday, April 4, 2013

Link Love Creative - Illustration vol 1

Fifth time in everything. Where is the spring?(!) Colors, shapes, design, moods, feelings. I guess you have time because you can't be digging in the garden. Or can you? Here is too cold and too much snow in Helsinki. Get a warm cup of coffee and sit down. Put your  favorite music on. Hand picked links for your eyes only.

1. Diana Sudyka She's from US

by diana sudyka
cosmic bunny print by diana sudyka

2. Riikka Sormunen She's from Finland

by Riikka Sormunen
litterhead, 2012 by riikka sormunen

by gretchen gretchen
from sketchbook by gretchen gretchen

ps. I finally made my blogroll page - yay! It's unfinished and it will always be...



  1. Ah yes, where is the spring?? The weather forecast for Munich says it will snow again at the weekend...

  2. Hi Sakia! That is not so nice. Hopefully they are wrong and you get more sun!

  3. Wonderful inspiration! I love illustrations and these are very unique! And there's a peak of your sketchbook, really great. Luckly the weather is getting warmer here in Denmark 5 full sunny days, almost unbelivable :-) I'll ship off some spring weather with this comment :-) gosh I'm not even got to "remodelling" my blogroll, but soon :-) thank you for the inspiration and have a beautiful day!

  4. Thank you! Your delivery is arrived...we have sun here but we need a lot ! that snow melts.Have lovely day, Mette!

  5. Would love to see more from your Sketchbook! The last illustration looks awesome!

  6. Hi Gudy!

    Thank you!!! Actually you can go and see the whole sketchbook. You see picture link in my blog's sidebar...participating the sketcbook project :) it takes you straight to my sketchbook. I also had one post about it. There are so many interesting sketchbooks in that project. Mine is very modest. I made it only in 15 days because I found project quite near the deadline. But it was fun...and to be continued...

    here's link to my sketchbook post:

  7. Yippieeeeeee! What a wonderful surprise to find Mina Moka on your blogroll - it's the first time (at least from what I know!) Making a blogroll is also on my to-do list, has been for a long time. I find it so hard to pick, but you put it right: It's never finished, never will be. Wishing you all the best and thank you again,I feel very honoured!

    1. Hihii, it's so great to hear that you are so happy! I don't know how many has link to my blog...don't think not so many...but anyway I remember when I found link to my blog for the first time...Yes!!! I had quite same reaction as you have :) !! Blogroll was hard to do but I just decided to do it and I change it when I feel like it and I've noticed quite many has changing list of blogs in their blogrolls. That is also way to go. Lena, you are welcome.

  8. The look of the litterhead painting girl reminds me in a way of gustav klimts mermaids... i always liked this painting as it has a calm, yet disturbing aura.
    we really have spring issues here too... it's still cold and we're way more south than you are. good thing is, we will be so relivied when spring finally made his way...let's be patient then.

  9. Hi Alena! Today I feel spring is coming! Sun is shining! Have a nice weekend!


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