Sunday, April 22, 2012

Keskeneräinen - My ongoing projects

"I have to have time to do this and that, but I just don't have the time." How often you've been thinking like that? How many wonderful things has been forgotten and undone. I've been thinking like that so many times until last autumn - I decided that I have to have time and if I don't - I'll make it. So I've been quite a lot at home in weekends and started different kind of trials. It's been worth it. When I'm working at my daytime job, I'm at least 8 hours per day connected to some kind of, camera, it's wonderful to only use your own hands. I can feel different kind of materials in my hands...okay, I might use sewing machine, drill...but still the idea of doing something my own... and I've noticed that it's important to me. Make my own decisions - it's fun to say the final word...the result can be awful or great - what ever it is - you can only blame or thank yourself. Now this kind of doing feels really refreshing. Would you like to do it? ...You know even if the first ones would be disastrous - who cares - I didn't - try again or try something else. And if you can't make something ready or good enough, maybe that is what it should be - unfinished.  You will find your way... I believe or I have to believe because I've already taken the first step. And the best thing is - I don't know where it will take me. It's a adventure. Come along!

Se ei ole askartelua tai käsitöitä eikä puutöitä vaan se on kaikessa yksinkertaisuudessaan universaalia piipertämistä. Minä piiperrän. Toiset projektini ottavat siivet alleen ja toiset tekevät pakkolaskun puuhahuoneeni kauimmaiseen nurkkaan, jonne ei tosin huoneen työpöydältä ole kovinkaan monta neliömetriä…mutta kuitenkin. Ajatus saa lentää vapaana tuon tuostakin – se on tärkeintä. Ja joskus joku työ jää vain kesken. Se ei vain kehity mihinkään. Ehkä sillekin tulee oma aikansa ja paikkansa. Ja vaikka sille ei koskaan sellaista tulisikaan, niin silläkin on kuitenkin oma merkityksensä – keskeneräisenä.

Have you seen a lamp shade?

Waking up birds and butterflies

Earrings - Let's play Bingo!

Grandmother doesn't live here.  But I used her old pearls to make new earrings.  

Cherry blossoms - I never get bored with

Mosaic - the slowest friend of mine

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