Monday, April 30, 2012

Juhlat - Celebration

The most important in celebrating is spend time with your friends and family. What comes with it is just bonus. So relax and enjoy - try to make it easy - do it together. Like Kinfolk people. So beautiful parties and people. They have a splendid manifesto ...and lovely photos. Haven't really read their magazine yet but planning to and of course looked very carefully through their website. 

Here's what I think. It's not about money. Maybe the idea is that everybody takes part...and bring something to eat or for decoration or some good drinks or some good music, nice tablecloths - mix everything and don't care if you don't have everything in perfect harmony. Eclectic - let it be fun! If it feels too dangerous - choose a color and go with it. If color is too boring take a theme. But if these all are seen and done - make a trip to your old childhood photo album. Choose one pic and make your party theme like the feeling you have when you are watching that photo...

Have a lovely celebrations!


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