Saturday, January 30, 2016



It all starts with one like my favorite singer Ane Brun sings. My very first blog post was on 29th of Jan in 2012. 2016 gretchen gretchen blog is 4 years old. Small joyful girl, I think. 

Ever since 2012 I've been changing things here in gretchen gretchen blog. But it has always been about creativity and inspiration. First I blogged in Finnish and English, then I decided to continue only with English. 

This is the third design I have on my blog and I have made all of them by myself. The second one was born after making a mood board. You can find a video I made of the mood board here. I have had many different kind of topics like DIY, food, photography, style, vintage, ceramics, art and concept, slow living, video, food photography workshops and personal posts. Which one you are interested? Just click the word you like and you'll find my favorite blog post of that topic.

I had a bit different kind of birthday blog post in my mind after Christmas but everything changed in my life on 30th of December. My dear mom got sudden attack. She died on 4th of Jan. So even though I try to be positive about blog's birthday you might understand why I choose to photograph only flowers and keep this blog post short. Flowers, gardening and indoor plants were my mom's favorite hobby or lifestyle I could say. 2012 I made a blog post about visiting her and I told you about her orange tree. Grown from a orange seed bought from grocery store in 1965. So it's now 50 years old. It has followed my mom always till now. Once I asked my mom why my flowers and plants doesn't look as good as hers? Ok maybe the question of watering but she did tell me that she talks to the plants, touch them and of course take good care of them.  

Literally this is a new beginning for me. Time heals they say. I have promised myself that I will cherish her memory in every way. She started oil painting only few years ago and I saw her skills growing quite fast. I got so much good from her I just hope I can use it well. I will end this blog post to one of my mom's favorite song Petit fleur by Sidney Bechet you can find it here. 

Life is simple. You only need love and care. That's about it.



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