Sunday, February 14, 2016



Instead of pink hearts and cheesy quotes I like to share some creative links with you today. Everybody needs inspiration and chance to see things differently time to time. I went back in time and tried to remember the early inspiration sources I got when I started my blog, painting and making ceramics and DIY. We go back maybe even time before Pinterest.

I remember how happy I was when I found a very interesting site called Book By Its Cover.  It is a site devoted to showcasing creative publications run by talented Julia Rothman. I fell in love with the sketchbooks by Alison Worman. There are a lot of creative energy and talent. Worth to see.

Second place where I like you to visit is Trendtablet by Lidewij Edelkoort. It's a place with so many interesting stories and things to see. This time I chose a wonderful project called grafted for you to see. It's a combination of ceramics and plants. 

Workshops. How much we get positive energy and inspiration from other people? I've been in several food photography workshops and I have to say they have had a big influence on me. I found the very first one I attended from Ace Camps. Different kind of people with different backrounds but with one common thing - love for food photography. It was a beautiful experience and I got plenty of inspiration and met a lot of lovely people. At the moment it is quite easy to find a workshop compared few years ago. They are very trendy at the moment and so many are making them. So choose carefully!

I have so many creative idols that it feels a bit difficult to name only one but her name is Hagar Vardimon. She makes beautiful and thoughful collages. Go and see her wonderful work under the creative name Happy Red Fish Art.

Finally we get to the last link and that is Fine Little Day's blog post about whittle. I don't remember when I found this blog but it has very nice nordic feeling with great topics and this time she is writing about something that is (i think) coming strongly next trend. Whittle. We already have followed creative people like woodworker Ariele Alasko who makes beautiful things from the wood. But as a DIY person I have already made plans to buy a very good carving knife to make a hand-carved wooden spoon. But in a meanwhile I borrow the carving knife from my husband :)

What is your favorite creative link?



  1. I'm just amazed at the beauties of your photos. I'm looking for ismpiration and I just found you. I'm passionate about flowers, and are very lucky because it's also my work.
    I 'll share your post about flowers in september when I'm back at work. Again thanks

    1. Thank you so much Tania!
      You are very lucky lady! I try to get there - more flower photography I mean. Love to hear when you do it. Enjoy your vacation!


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