Sunday, October 6, 2013

Link Love Creative - Art

Light is slowly fading and we are totally turning to autumn and winter is just behind a corner. I guess we all use more time inside in our living rooms and we enjoy of the candle light and warmth of woolly socks. 

Less of light is one reason why I decided to make today Link Love Creative post. This time it is about Art - our friend and beloved. Another reason is - you know the days when it's just impossible to make anything artistic, creative or something that you can be proud of? It's better just clean up the house and just be happy about it. 

Today I tried to paint and...yes thank you for asking - cleaning went just fine! Let's find our inspiration back!

These fab links are for your eyes only.

1. Jealous Curator

jealous curator blog
She makes you very easy to see and find new art work of many talented artists. I love her blog.

2. Mid-century Modern Graphic Design collected by Theo Inglis

Mid-century Modern Graphic Design
Wow, you just have to see this!

3. My Pinterest board Art by gretchen gretchen

pinterest board art by gretchen gretchen
Voilà! You can make your own art gallery.

Did you find your favorite artist? Got some inspiration? I did! I hope you did too and I wish you a very creative week!


ps. I've made few of these Link Love Creative posts before. You can find them all here.

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