Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hello Autumn!

photo by kreetta järvenpää blog

Hello hello!

How are you? I've been a little bit busy with my work and a little bit lazy with my blogging. There have been new things to learn and new timetable to hold on. I have to admit that work takes a huge piece of my creativity.

In our little garden we've been harvesting as you can see from the photos. I have still some work left there like herbs should be collected and dried. I also should dry tomato seeds to be used next year.

photo by kreetta järvenpää blog

We have beautiful and very colored trees at the moment so I hope I can make a post about those gorgeous ones. It's getting also colder so one really have to start to make a new woolly hat. I've made also another test with natural dye - avocado - with help of India Flint's tips and got much more color from those fruits. I'll blog about it in near future. I have also few DIY ideas growing up in my brain, haha. So as you see - I like to tell you of so many great things! But time is limited.

photo by kreetta järvenpää blog

And if you are wondering what is the last picture, I can tell you that it is roots of tomato. Those roots made my day by bringing me a lot of beautiful red tomatoes, so thank you goes for them!

How is your life at the moment? New things - old favorites?

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!



  1. Love yourpics, as usual. Like your video, this makes me hungry!

  2. Hello Mia!

    Thank you for stopping by and kind words!

  3. Those pictures are so beautiful. I love how you take something that is simple and raw and shine the light on it that is deserves! Really lovely! Happy to see you on BYW!

  4. Thank you Elfya! I'm so so happy to hear that! See you in BYW!


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