My name is Kreetta Järvenpää. I'm a photographer and artist. I live in Helsinki, Finland. 

I've photographed professionally since 2005. I photograph food, people, lifestyle, still life and sometimes fashion. Art is in my heart - I make it when ever I have time. You can find my photography work: www.kreettajarvenpaa.com

I started blogging in the beginning of 2012. I have always loved to be creative but you know sometimes all the good ideas are just totally lost. That's why I have my gretchen gretchen blog. It is because we all need inspiration and it's great to use creativity. Trying to find it, use it and avoid lack of it.

I want to cherish life, it's treasures and people. I play with things that inspire me. Since 2012 I've also been painting and making ceramics.

I also love vintage and handmade. I'm curious of many things. I've dreamt all my life. I believe great things are born from dreams and we need them. I hope you find this place useful, interesting or entertaining and become my reader.


I write about 1-2 posts per month. I make different kind of posts about inspiration and creativity like food, photography, DIY projects, ceramics, gardening, slow living, natural dye. art. I've also started to make videos and that is quite fun but quite slow and lot of work too! I like to give you joy, ideas, creative moments, inspiration, entertainment, knowledge. A reason to drink a nice cup of coffee in peace and harmony. 


Gretchen is one of my nicknames. My real name is Kreetta. 
gretchen gretchen reminds me of my childhood too. When I was a small girl there were times when I heard my name repeatedly...I was too quick and I was too often in a wrong place more than once. Still my sisters remind me how many times they had to run after me. Luckily I've grown up and now I have only my husband running after me, haha. And one more thing, I almost forgot that Gretchen is not the only nickname I have. You can call me Krede, Kretsu, Gertrud...or just Kreetta.

Do you remember Grimm's fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel? (Gretel is a name very close to mine) It is a fairy tale of brave and inventive children. I think that is a great story how you should live your life. You just have to be brave enough and find your way. There's always something wonderful out there - and I guess we all want to find it. 


This blog exists because I needed my own free space where I can do, make, say, think whatever I want. This place gives me reason to write in foreign language and not to forget it. I also like to follow all those wonderful makers and creative people. I enjoy their work and they give me inspiration. I've also noticed that this blog has become a part of me during these 4 years and I totally miss blogging time to time when I have too much work and too less time to spend here. 

I hope to see you here again and you are very welcome to leave a comment or two when ever you feel like it!



email: sendtogretchen(at)gmail(dot)com
You can also find me in Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.


  1. hi Kreetta! i discovered your beautiful blog through our Blog Boss e-course and i'm so happy i did. such a delight to read! i gave you a little shout out on my blog today! hope you check it out...http://www.ohsoloveydovey.com/
    xoxo, Lo.

    1. Hi Lo!
      Thank you so much! That is great!

  2. Awesome "about" page, Kreeta! So inspiring and nicely done. Bravo!

  3. Thank you Diana! You know, it's amazing how your feelings and words change - last time I edited this about page was on March - not so long ago.

  4. I just discovered your blog and i love it. It's so spontaneus and inspiring. I started my own blog about 6 months and reading is just so useful. I love your about page how you share your feeling. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much Tania!
      There are always things I want to change in about page and I guess it's time to make it onece again - that it is even more me.


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