Saturday, November 12, 2016



flower arrangement and photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

During the last two years I've been photographing more and more flowers. I've always loved flowers but somehow woke up and decided to go more that direction. First I started with natural flowers during summer 2014. Played a bit more during summer 2015. I've made ceramic flower frogs and used them with flowers and my blogger friend Igor Josif from the blog Happy Interior blog also blogged about my frogs last year before X-mas. You can find plenty of flowers in my blog very easily.  

Because I want to learn more I decided to do something about it. I have started to organize flower workshops this autumn. I have talented florist Hanna Piippo teaching the flower arrangement and I am teaching and helping students to take a good photo of their arrangement. When people takes the arrangement home it might not be in same condition anymore. A lot of people have only iPhone or other smartphone but you can make quite nice pic with phone too. The light and location just have to be very well chosen and light have to be quite soft.  

flower arrangement and photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

When you are making a flower arrangement it depends on the purpose how you should make it. For example if you only take a photo of it, you don't have to make it look good from every angle. You can cheat a bit but it is always good thing to keep in mind that you don't learn if you cheat. If you make it as a table decoration then you really have to think that it looks good from every angle. If the arrangement is in front of a wall you can also cheat a bit and not to use so many flowers in backside I think. So it is important to think where and how you are going to use your flower arrangement. Of course it is always better if you make it look good from every angle. Then you have alternatives how you want to show it. I made this arrangement to look good from both sides. It is my first one (I can show you) and managed to do so but this is very much learning by doing. Actually I like the second side (the first pic) better than the first side I made first. 

These photos I updated my portfolio. There are other flower photos too and you can find them all here.

Next weekend we are going to have Christmas flower workshop. It is already fully booked but you can follow how I build the photography backround and props for it in my Instagram @kreettakreetta and of course there will be #instastories and pics from the workshop too.

I hope  you a very calm and lovely weekend !


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