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Have you ever thought how to make a perfect food pic? I have. Over ten years ago I learned from the best. I was assistant to talented food and commercial photographer Juha-Pekka Laakio during years 2004-2006. It all began there with food.

food photography photo by Kreetta Järvenpää www.gretchengretchen.com

From the year 2006 I made a career as a in house photographer in big publishing house till the year 2014. I made a lot of people photography but I made also food, lifestyle, car, fashion, medicine - you name it - photography during those years. You can find the best of it in my portfolio. We had Finnish big customers like Fazer, VR, Alko, Osuuspankki, S-ryhmä, Volvo, Yliopiston Apteekki and many more.

food photography photo by Kreetta Järvenpää www.gretchengretchen.com

In Autumn 2014 I started a career as an independent professional photographer. About two years ago.

food photography photo by Kreetta Järvenpää www.gretchengretchen.com

And here I am. I'm focused on food, flowers, lifestyle not forgetting people either. I also can concentrate more to painting and ceramics. I have my own workspace with such a lovely group of people. We have great co-work with talented cook and author Meri-Tuuli Lindström, she is one of my workspace colleagues. We just published a cooking book Pataruokaa - A Book of Stews in English it would be. She is an excellent food stylist, I have to say. Lucky to work with her.

For me our cooking book Pataruokaa came with perfect timing. My mom had just passed away suddenly in the very beginning of this year so luckily we had our book project mainly during winter and spring when I had the most difficult time of my life. I'm so proud of us and expecially the result - the book. First print run is sold out in November so we are going with second at the moment. It has received very good reviews. I'm very grateful of all the lovely feedback.

flower photography photo by Kreetta Järvenpää www.gretchengretchen.com

At the workspace - we call it Työhuone ovi 10 - the light is magical and I think the place has a very special feng shui - if you know what I mean and I love to share it with my customers and fellow colleagues.

This autumn I've been organizing flower workshops there and people have had a lovely relaxing moments with beautiful flowers, photography and good food. Students have made so many beautiful flower arrangements and then we have photographed them. You can find a lot of pics from the workshops by following hashtag #kukkaworkshop in Instagram. Planning to continue with workshops next year but thinking a next level - more learning possibilities and more talking about creative work. That means smaller groups with flowers, food and photography. Here you can find a blog post about this autumn's flower workshop.

food photography photo by Kreetta Järvenpää www.gretchengretchen.com

I've been telling you a bit of my history as a photographer and about my past year and same time you have been watching the pics from one of the lovely photoshoots during this year I made with Meri-Tuuli. It is part of a huge project we made for keksihylly.fi. It has been a great joy. Meri-Tuuli made recipes and styled the food and I photographed it but before that I planned and collected the props and made backrounds and styled flowers. See the whole pic here. We always try to make our best for customers with unique style. With handmade props and backrounds it's possible with a good taste of style and food styling perfection.

food photography photo by Kreetta Järvenpää www.gretchengretchen.com

Last pic is totally behind the scenes. There are never enough words how creative mind works. Usually you don't receive the words at all and you can only see the result - the photo or what ever the creative goal is. Actually that is how it should be - the final work should work without any explaning words. 

I hope you have enjoyed the story and the pics. I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas! 


ps. Next post is about - wreaths :0 of course!

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