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foodie in the garden photo:Kreetta Järvenpää
It feels hot in my fingertips. But I just can't wait. I want to eat it now! Street food for hungry foodie. Going to celebrate friend's birthday. It have to be something special. We choose restaurant. Middle East Cuisine is trending. Special food for special people. I have to avoid certain ingredients. They make me sick. I want to eat healthy way. Different kind of diets makes the cuisine's of the world going upside down. Vegan is not the curse word anymore? Random thoughts of food.

grilled  photo:Kreetta Järvenpää

Food is everywhere. It is overheated phenomenon. 

grilled  photo:Kreetta Järvenpää
Yesterday I saw 2 great television programs in channel Teema. Both of them was about food. The first one was a document of jetset foodies who travel the world to go best restaurants. They want to taste the best food in the whole world. No matter how much it costs. It was called Foodies - The Culinary Jetset. It was made in Sweden 2014. After that channel Teema showed a film Babettes gæstebud. In Finnish it is Ranskalainen illallinen and in English Babette's feast. Babette's Feast was the first Danish cinema film of a Karen Blixen story. It was also the first Danish film to win the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. I think it was charming film. A bit like a fairy tale. 

grilled  photo:Kreetta Järvenpää
These two films together were thought provoking. I've been planning to make a project about the food and now I really have to begin. Originally I had a plan to start it in January 2015 but I've been too busy to begin...or lazy, haha.

These pics are from the last summer. We usually grill a lot during summer and we eat it in our garden. Yesterday we made our first grilling this year but it wasn't enough warm to feast in the garden. Yet.

As I wrote before...these were random thoughts of food.

Have a great Sunday!


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