Friday, April 3, 2015


cold avocado soup photo by Kreetta Järvenpää blog:

Have you waited eagerly the Easter vacation? I have. Lazy Friday is the best what you can have. I hope you have a lovely long weekend ahead of you. I have had a very interesting week. So many things has happened. Or maybe not yet happened but many ideas were born and I can't wait to get making them! We also have a small kitchen facelift at our workspace going on so I can't wait to see it ready!

cold avocado soup photo by Kreetta Järvenpää blog:
This week I had a guest from Berlin. Pauliina is a journalist and blogger behind the food blog Boiling Under. We decided to try cold avocado soup while having very interesting conversations - so interesting that time just ran out and we had to hurry to airport :) and the rest of her travelling is history. Awful storm in Berlin brought the plane back to Finland after 2 aborted landings. People was sick of fear. But they are safe now. 

Well, back to the avocado soup. Recipe was from here. It is in Finnish and it's a very very basic recipe so we changed and added some ingredients. I think you can do the soup without recipe only by knowing the ingredients. We made dairy free version of it so we used oat iMat fraishe from Oatly. We tested the soup with soy yogurt too but we liked the oat better. I also changed the lemon to sea-buckthorn juice because I can't eat lemon or other citrus fruits. So we made two versions of the soup :)

Ingredients you need:

some water
lemon or sea-buckthorn
Turkish Yogurt or oat iMat fraishe
salt and pepper

...we added fresh coriander and I think that was a very good choise. If we have had time a bit more I would have toasted seeds like sunflower or pumpkin. You just blend all together with hand blender. Very easy and of course you have to taste when the soup is ready. I also think one should try this soup with adding a bit chili there...

And yes we had to photograph it :) It was cold already so it was ok to shoot some time. Of course fresh coriander start to wilt.

sweet with tea  photo by Kreetta Järvenpää blog:

Later that evening I made tea and ate delicious cookies I got from Pauliina. She had bought them from Cafe Suvanto...I think. Evening light was beautiful too.

vintage props photo by Kreetta Järvenpää blog:
On Wednesday we were working in the workspace's kitchen and yesterday we started to paint it and I also made something I had planned for awhile. I visited great vintage/antique shop in Hyvinkää. I have this thing calle vintage madness or something like that ;) I found some treasures as you can see. Props for food and lifestyle pics. Now I also have the official espresso cup, haha. It is the blue and white mocha cup and the plate in picture. Actually it is very old and it's  made by Arabia. Design is called Maisema - Landscape. It is made in 1930-1940's - my newest treasure. You can't find these very easily. I also bought some old fabrics and yesterday evening I went through Pinterest to get some ideas to make something.

So here we are back in this Friday. I wish you a very calm and beautiful Easter days! Let's hope we see the sun too :)



  1. You make excellent photos, artistic and sofisticated.Love them so much!
    Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you, thank you!!! I really try to ;)
      Happy Easter to You too!

  2. Aahahaa, whatta Friday it was indeed! But it was so great to see your amazing workspace live and I loved the soup and all the brainstorming :)

    Yes, it was Café Suvanto, they make every day gluten free pastries and they have a great breakfast too, I recommend!

    Now I'm finally back in sunny Berlin, best wishes from here!

    1. Pauliina, thank you ! ;) So Café Suvanto is place to visit. Sunny day here too, have a great Easter Monday!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Julia. They are my new favorite :)


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