Sunday, October 12, 2014

White and Blue - Danish influence - My new ceramics

Ceramic photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
It's the season of working with ceramics again. The course is on every Monday evening. After the summer vacation it was great to start with clay again. This autumn I want to try some new colors and because I'm a great fan of Danish style I chose white and blue.I will continue with my pastel circus too but it is always great to play with new things.

Ceramic photo by Kreetta Järvenpää
Many years ago I lived in Copenhagen for a few months. That time changed my style of decorating home. I was amazed of Danish people's homes. Families kept their curtains open even in the evenings. You could take a walk and pass by so many living rooms where people were eating, drinkin, smoking happily together. In Finland we tend to close curtains in the evenings to keep our privacy...well danes definitely didn't mind the audience. 


Ceramic photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

Danish homes were so cosy and colorful. You could see person's life all over the home. Memories of the past, design, flea market finds, some practical things - all together in eclectic harmony. One thing common I noticed was blue and white porcelain. Some of them were chinese some of them were Danish design like Royal Copenhagen.

Ceramic photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

I can say that Danish style has been my inspiration for many years by now. I decided to combain two my favorite things in my new ceramics. Blue and white with rusty and frayed. So I came up with these items - a small bowl and very small spoon. What do you think about them? I'm very happy about them and will do more of them.

Ceramic photo by Kreetta Järvenpää www.gretchengretchen.comI have planned to build a webshop and I'm going to sell my ceramics, photos, paintings and maybe even some vintage items there. I had planned that my shop would open in early autumn but time flies so fast that I hope to open it in November. I hope to see you there ! But I will tell you more when I get it a bit more ready :)

So I think a very tiny Danish lives inside of me...because I love to keep curtains open - we don't have curtains, haha - and I don't mind if someone sees us eating our dinner and talking about daily matters. I also love to have eclectic style at my home.
How about you?

I will turn myself now towards sofa with pile of old design and decoration magazines. I hope you enjoy of this lazy day and hope you have a great week ahead!



  1. Absolutely lovely pair of dishes you have done. I´ll be happy to buy your art and items, when ever the shop is open. Good luck to you and to your little boutique!
    - Leena –

  2. I love what you ave done with this ceramic bowl with the little spoon. I used to love doing pottery and have been longing to get back into it. I always walk by a little ceramic studio that is open for people to come in and work, and I keep thinking I need to stop in one day.

    But, either way the eclectic look is my favorite. I love surrounding myself by little pieces that reminds me of all the places I've been, people who are in my life, and memories I've had.

    Happy Sunday! I'm enjoying this lazy fall day at home as well.

  3. Hello Leena!
    Thank you so much for your kind words! I have some mug making in my mind :)

  4. Hi Rebecca! Thank you. Please stop :) You should walk in that studio! I'm building an art wall at home I add time to time bits of our life that I can keep our memories alive :)

  5. Wow, really wow! This is amazing - I absolutely love it! (and I'm not one of those people who love all the blog posts and DIYs haha) You have a real talent there and I'll definitely keep an eye on your upcoming shop). As for the Danish way of living, I like the idea of keeping curtains open, but never lived in a place where people do that - maybe one day ;)

  6. Hello Aga!

    Thank you so much for the kind words! I really am happy about learning things like ceramic making. I think someone told me that Dutch people reminds Danish by keepeing curtains open ;)

  7. Really gorgeous work Kretta, you have a real talent there and the colours combo and textures are lovely. I so look forward to seeing your online shop! Mel x

  8. Hello Mel!
    Thank you :) Me too, haha!


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