Sunday, March 2, 2014

Slow Living - Never Say Never - Glazing Ceramics

ceramic bowl photo by Kreetta Järvenpää blog:

You never know how your pot, bowl, cup or what ever turn out to be when you have glazed it. It's always a little bit surprising. It isn't very easy, I think...and I'm too lazy to make tests. Do you test your glaze before the real one? I don't - yet - so no reason to complain, haha. Any tips for me?

ceramic bowl photo by Kreetta Järvenpää blog:

Actually I like the surprise. I actually try to make some glaze combination that I would get different colors what they supposed to be. Few times I've managed to do it. Have you?

ceramic bowl photo by Kreetta Järvenpää blog:

I seldom get the result what I have in my mind and I've learned to take it as advantage. I feel making ceramics is very relaxing. Playing with clay and playing with glaze is fun. The last bowl I made succeeded quite well. Or what do you think? 

Ok, I admit I haven't been so happy lately to my glazing but this one I am. I used raku clay and 7 different glaze and made finishing with black ink. It looks a little bit rough and broken. It's a little bit frayed and has some influence from circus that I so love and like, haha.

Dinner making is calling my name. Pizza Sunday. Gluten and dairy free.

Have a relaxing Sunday and let's hope the coming week starts with peace and harmony.



  1. I like your pot as a pot and also as a delicious cake!
    Playing with clay is really very relaxing and great fun I think. I don´t glaze my figures as they not are for any other use than looking at…I just paint them and let them be a bit fragile...

  2. Thank you Britt-Marie!

    Yes, you saw a cake...that's great! I didn't but now you said it, I see it very clearly :) love the idea! I also like the idea of fragile. I've been also thinking that everything doesn't have to be glazed and I could paint them with acrylic.

  3. Onpas söötti tuo sun kulhosi! Muste toimii hyvin noiden karkkivärien kanssa.

  4. Moikka Laura!
    Juu, kiitos! Karkki on mun ystävä ja kädet syhyää tekemään lisää!!! Sirkus on inspiraationi.


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