Friday, March 14, 2014

How to be a creative?

paint and hand photo by Kreetta's dear husband
photo by Kreetta's dear husband. my hands were too blue to take a photograph, haha.

Over two years ago I made my very first blog post. I was so scared to write in English but I was so excited about my new hobby. Today I'm so happy I did it because it led me to a very good direction - to direction of being creative. I have noticed that I get more energy from letting my creative fluids running free. Who said that I can't paint? Who thought I can't make a great DIY's or who was sure I never would be a good photographer? It was me (and few others I guess) but here I am.

I was my own block on the way to be a creative. Funny isn't it. So if you have ever thought you can't do it or someone has said to you you can't - don't listen. Try. Do what you love and believe in that. The rest will follow...that sounds very flat and cliché I admit...but still and at least you have tried.

It's Friday evening - we have the whole weekend to make things we love! Go with the flow!



  1. Kreetta :-D so true in every way. Have a great creative weekend.

  2. Morning Hazel! I've been asked to open a little bit my creative process and I went way back in this post... Have a lovely weekend you too!


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