Monday, February 24, 2014

I admit - I love Instagram

At Vierastalo Raska instagram photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

I had thought it quite a lot that noo...I won't go there. Forbidden place. I thought it is too much - photo flow or flood. I'm already arounded by photos. So many pics going different directions...

At Vierastalo Raska instagram photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

But it had a plan. It waited me behind the corner and in the beginning of Jan and in the moment of weakness - I was caught. Suddenly bringing my life to you even more. More often. More closer. Even to more people...and it didn't feel so bad...and now I guess nobody can stop the train. There's nothing more to do now than enjoy it! I also found vsco so my photos just flow through it. At the moment I use only my phone to take instagram pics but will see what happens in the future. Never say never.

So I decided to have a theme every week. I always look for a purpose. So I chose a color. Blue, pink, yellow, moss green, chocolate brown. Oh, no. Routine. I don't like it so much. So last week I made differently - I chose vintage pattern. 

I believe that creativity comes from relaxed way of being and the most creative you are when you can feel yourself relaxed when doing. I feel IG at the moment quite relaxing. Even though I tend to feel new things quite strongly. I might be pushing publish button in IG quite often. I'm sure you have had your honeymoon with IG but I have just started mine, haha. 

#traditionalpattern - mittens by my mom

But important to remember is that IG - it's not all about me. It's about you too! I'm already following people and I think more is just behind the corner. I've found more interesting people. More pics. More communication with my blogger friends. More of everything. 

I'm also amazed of the size of photos that our phones can bring to us. I do want to print some IG pics and I've already done that once. It's just amazing!...I know...I'm so late with this but I'm going to enjoy of it! How is your IG life going?

I wish you a creative week. I had a little bit poor beginning today. Oh so basic Monday but I'm certain tomorrow I'll shine again. I hope you too!


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