Sunday, February 16, 2014

Troubleshooting with white color in blogger blog

Here's something I learned today. Ask help. You can spend your time resolving different kind of problems without asking help. But you will notice in the minute you do - how you should have done it before. Ok, it wasn't totally useless - I learned also a bit html code.

Why the words be kind? Because today people was kind to me and I got help. What was my problem? It was a problem with loading new link pics to my blog's sidebar. My IG link pic. The white turned to be grayish. Every single time - no matter what I did. Crazy!

But then I asked help. Googling is also a good way but sometimes you don't have right words in your mind :)

So if you have blogger based blog as I have - this is for you my friend. Go to Google+ and find there Settings. Google+ has made enhance on default. You just turn it off. No worry follow this link you find how to do it. And you are welcome! 

Have a happy Sunday!


  1. Hi Kreetta, you're so very welcome - I'm so glad you could fix the greyish white. I'm following you on Instagram too! Steph x

  2. Hi Steph! Thanks -
    Me too, have a great weekend!


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