Sunday, November 24, 2013

Slow living - A snail mail card to your friend or family?

season card photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

Nowadays we hear things about our friends and family through different kind of social media. You also know a lot of things about people you hardly know through social media or you meet new great people with same interests through social media and that can be also a beginning to great friendship. 

But somehow I miss so much old-fashioned letters and cards. Do you?  They are more intimate.

I've been thinking that I could make a series of cards from my pics in my blog. What do you think? Which pic would work for you and when you would send it? Could it also work as a small art piece somewhere at your workspace? It would be great to hear if you have time go through my blog and choose one or two and leave a comment here or in fb. 

Tip about my blog posts - you can find vintage related here, art related here or inspiration related here. But you can also just scroll through quite easily. Have fun and very beautiful Sunday!


season card photo by Kreetta Järvenpää


  1. Heeei hienoja kuvia! Eipä sitä tullut tietenkään puheeksi Om´pun myyjäisissä, että kolleegoita ollaan (valokuvauksenkin saralla). Kaunis blogi, täytyy tutustua tarkemmin jahka kerkiän!

    Erika / Göran./ Brändö.

  2. Heei Erika, kiitos! Juu, näinpä ollaan! Aika sama repertuaari siis :) Kivaa!

  3. I think, this is a great idea! I love stationary and postcards! I just found amazing flower images of yours, that I would develop. Where do you plan to develop them?
    I used to write a lot, and I really miss it! We should stop more often and do things, we used to do back in the days...
    Have an amazing week! Anastasia

  4. Hello Anastasia!
    Thank you for your response! I think flowers are quite good subject for cards. They can be used in so many ways. I don't know yet, how I'm going to make them. I'm in level : planning :)

  5. I love ! And I wish you an Happy Christmas !!! xxx

  6. Hello So! I wish You a Very Merry X-mas too! Thanks for stopping by!


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