Sunday, November 10, 2013

DIY Dry Herbs with Photography Tip

You can dry your home garden herbs. It's easy. All you need is good ventilation, string and herbs. I tied my stems and lifted them hanging above our living room table. I took all the bad leaves away and washed all the herbs before that. It takes few days to dry. 


I also continued my Lupo LED light testing. You can read my previous test here. I bounced the light from the white wall and ceiling. It filled quite nicely the shadow. I didn't want to lose the whole shadow - just make it a little bit lighter. You can try what kind of light you want to do. You can also use reflectors to less shadows. That's another way to make the light lovely. But I think I like this light source. I can use this kind of light source also as a main light and fill the shadows with reflectors.


Thyme is one of my favorite herbs and I like things look like very natural. I like to shoot food and everything with natural light and if I use artificial light I always try to "hide" it if it is possible. Of course there are situations that you want to go crazy with flash lights. Anyway if you want to see more beautiful natural light food photography you have to go and see Aran Goyoaga's photography. I took her food photography workshop in June. It was totally fab.


We have less light this time of the year so I want to find nice ways to light my photos. It's all about light - photography. I'm always thinking how the light was made when I see the beautiful photo.


You need a string to hang your herbs. It's nice to pick up a nice looking one and use it - expecially if it's in your living room.

herb sage and tarragon

I have to admit that it is a little bit late to dry herbs - not the best time of the year but sometimes you are late, sometimes too early... Herbs had quite good aroma still so I thought it is just fine to dry them. It would be sad if the snow covered them away and I would have to live without having my herbs as dried during the winter. 



  1. I like and especially the picture of the string...simple and beautiful...

  2. Hello Britt-Marie!
    Great to see you here! I do agree. It's funny how so simple things can make a fine photo. Thank you!

  3. Amazing photos as always and wonderful how you can emphasize texturing by changing the light source and direction. Great DIY and photo tips. Keep them coming:-)

  4. Hi Mette!

    You are so kind! Thank you! Let's see what happens next :)

  5. I am with Mette and couldn't say it better. Exactly my words! Love your posts!

  6. Hi Gudy! It's great to make things that people read and likes!Thank you!

  7. Contente de découvrir ton blog grâce à Bohème Circus ,c'est beau.



  8. Found you over at BYW. LOVE your photos!! The light is amazing.. Glad to have stumbled upon you

  9. #Manon Merci! Great to see you here! I love Céline's blog.

  10. #Marni Thank you! Great to see you here! Of course I want to see you here again and see you in BYW!


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