Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Party Party - Summer Summer photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

Summer is the best time to celebrate different kind of things. I've been in few parties already and there are more to come and in between them a summer trip and then again party party. Can I complain? No. Do I enjoy myself? Yes. I hope you have also great time where ever you are and when ever you have your holiday. I'll go offline for the rest of the July.

But there might still be some updates in the facebook on my blog page. I like you to go and visit there. Or go to see how I'm doing in Pinterest. If you have time. I also would be so so happy if you can like my Gretchen Gretchen blog page in facebook...but only if you do. 

If you have some ideas or thoughts about my blog what you like the most please tell me...because in autumn I will make some decisions about the content of my blog. Thank you for your precious feedback!  I'm really really happy that you read my blog. I'm making and writing things that are close to my heart but it is always lovely to hear your point of views too. Have a wonderful summer days and see you!



  1. Dear Kreetta, happy to hear that you will be off-line!
    Hope you enjoy your party time:-)

    Feedback: pls keep on being personal! It makes a difference out there and you create really nice dialogues.

    Whenever you can, work with own pictures since they have a very special beauty!

    Hugs from Barcelona!

  2. I love your garden posts and would appreciate a little advice on that matter... But what I prefer is recipes. You are very creative and original with food. Would like to know more about that. In general, more indications on ways to reproduce what you do (in the garden and the kitchen). Love your style. Thank you for sharing, please continue to do so!

  3. Oh sounds like your summer will taste as sweet as the smell of your green gardening treasures:-) I don't have any specific topics in mind, just more of what you've already brought to us, the wonderful world of Kreetta:-) Have an amazing summer!

  4. Thank you Gudy, Mia and Mette! I'm happy to hear your lovely comments.


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