Monday, July 1, 2013

Garden party DIY

Hello my reader - how are you? Yesterday I made a post even though it's not my "blogging" day but as I have promised one Photography Concept and Styling in month...I hope you have time to check out the photo essee of my word recollection.

DIY by photo by Kreetta Järvenpää

Today I give you a garden hint. In my little garden I have had problems with snails and birds. My 3 strawberry plants has produced some but birds has eaten them all. I have seen people using reflecting cd's above strawberries so as you see I made a little bit more stylish version of it. There's no proof that it works but doesn't it look so cute! It's fun decoration for garden also. Do you have great or fun ideas to decorate the garden? I like to hear if you do!

All you need is

* string
* wooden sticks
* 2 nails and hammer or just pins
* x-mas lametta

I guess you can see how it's done from the picture. You can also make differently this is only a starting point. Have a happy week!




  1. What a cute idea. It looks beautiful, I hope it will work, too - and not make the snails and birds believe that they're invited to a party in your garden ;)

  2. Haha...Lena. I do not know...and I'm afraid they have their party anyway ;)


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