Sunday, June 30, 2013

Photography Concept and Styling - RECOLLECTION

This time I'm not only playing with images I'm also playing with words, ideas, perception and even psychology. Not too seriouly. The word is recollection and it is about my childhood memory. I trust myself in your hands.

by Kreetta Järvenpää/ blog

by Kreetta Järvenpää/ blog

Let me tell you. I have had the memory of my mom mowing the lawn since the heatwave that started on Monday. Heat is gone but my mind can't stop thinking that memory. Hearing the lawn mower's sound and the smell of grass makes it even stronger. 

This week I've been sick and I have spent my time drawing a little bit. I've been trying to draw a good picture of my memory. Still trying. So in the middle of drawing today I got a better idea. Color concept. You see, my mom had a striped top on her and denim shorts - I remember. I decided to continue with the colors of that top. Those colors you can see in my pictures. What else can you see?

Well, from the color concept I started to doodle the word recollection. But before that I had asked my husband (who is better in English than me) what word should I use memory, recollection or my favorite memento. Recollection we decided. Back to the when I was doing that my husband suddenly said that actually recollection is not so heartwarming word - I can agree with that. It is more like a cold defining word replacing the beautiful and sentimental word memory. Well, here we are back in square one :)

But then suddenly - I got a great idea. I think. Rorschach inkblot test. My husband's comment was what I needed to have an idea. I decided to ask a question of human nature with my photo essee. We have 4 images that makes our mind swirl. What these images represent to you? 

By answering you reveal something from your nature and personality...and your personality - feelings, behavior, memories, way you think, way you want to be, what you love and hate and why - the whole matter is so complicated structure of different kind of things. Human mind is so weird and we do not know everything yet even though people has spent so much time studing it and developed so many ways to measure our personality and theories to explain it. 

The biggest question is do you believe in this kind of theories? When I was doing my inkblot images...I noticed that somehow what ever I did it came out reminding of something very familiar to us - all women - and somehow it doesn't make me to believe it more. But I won't go further. But if you want to try, just do it! It is always fun to make tests and see how it goes. Do it with your best friend and have fun!...and of course these aren't real ones at all.

Ok, if you made it this far...I can tell you that this was a story of my process to make a photo essee of my summer memories. Isn't it crazy where you might end up if you let your ideas and thoughts wander freely. I recommend. Have a thought, have another one. If you are stuck - change the direction - you'll find your answer sooner than you think!


I made one mistake in doing these photos. Can you see what it is?


  1. Fab colors and lovely post. Yes i spotted an i missing. But don't worry, your eye is definitly here and perfect. xo, Pascale

  2. Hi Pascale!

    Thank you and you have also great eye ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Kreetta, yes I made it to the end of the post - because I love the way you described your creative process. It's exactly how it works and if you allow your thoughts to wander and change directions, it leads to the most beautiful results. Like this photo-essay!

  4. Hi Lena!
    Thank you! I haven't written before about my process so it was also new to me to write it down...

  5. Love story telling and your interpretation of childhood memories. Thank you for sharing you! That's really another point of view you've gave me there... haven't thought of it before... But I see it :-) wonderful inspirational post, Thanks:-)

  6. Hi Mette!
    Thank you, I think what usually happens is - you forget to be relaxed when you are thinking and trying to find one...but when you are relaxed...they will come.


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