Thursday, March 14, 2013

TOP 8 List - Blog Rocks like a hurricane

No I'm not a fan of Scorpions but I'm fan of many lovely blogs. Let's take a look to all these 8 great blogs and I'm not saying these are only ones. There are plenty of them! The task isn't easy at all. I'm fan of all these fine blogs and  I have different kind of reasons why to pick up them today. If you ask me tomorrow I can tell 8 more. There is so many talented and skilled people here in our planet that it just blows my mind. And this list reminds me also of my to do -list. I should make a proper blogroll but you know it's on my list and hopefully happens in near future.

TOP 8 Blogs that Rocks

She Rocks! She is visual multi-disciplinary designer , propstylist, photographer, artist in my opinion and I admire her so much. Someday I would like to make photo shooting with her. You know, we need to have dreams.
She is also talent that I admire. She lives in Japan but she is an Australian artist and graphic designer. I love to see her work and Japan through her eyes. One day I like to travel to Japan.

Well need to say no more. I'm jealous. Inspiration to all people. She blogs about art. I wish a had money to buy some great art.

This is Julia Rothman's book review blog. It's been off for some time but now it's getting more writers and we are going to have it back. Yay! I should read more.

It is a Canadian design blog. It is about beautiful things, the decayed and handmade. And I love handmade, vintage, special and curious things.  I wish I had bigger cupboard.

This blog is an inspiration focused blog run by Elisabeth Dunker. It's Swedish so I just live next door in Finland. I admire her blog because she has very simple look and strong feeling in her blog. She also has very nice photography. Go and see for example homes of her friends. Adorable. You can find more homes in main page right sidebar Home of... homes are so nicely decorated, I wish I could get some order here at my home.

And 2 blogs from our lovely byw bb course:

This blog is sweet. Great work Cèline! At the moment I'm also interested about snail mail and handmade. I long for those moments when you received some nice cards or letters. They were special moments. Maybe I should write a love letter to my husband :) or remember my friend with beautiful card. Or maybe you have somebody who you have a little bit forgotten and maybe you could remember her/him with a lovely card or letter. Think about that. I wish I would have time and effort to write one.

Ok, yes both these ones has word circus in their name. Can't help it. Love the circus! Mette is doing also great work!! She is focused on DIY. I can see her real passion about it and I admire that. She has a goal. I like to be as focused.

I could add so many blogs from our class! Nice, talented and interesting people.  And if you now want to know my favorite music that rocks you find it here ! (and great video by the way)





  1. I LOVE Dietland Wolf. Her styling is amazing - so fresh and creative. She pushes the envelope in what she does.

    Can't wait to check out your other recommendations...

  2. Hello hello Sandra! Yes, she is magnificent. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Kreetta, I didn't make my list yet but we definitely share some favourites - so I have to check out the ones I don't know yet! Did you know that Dietlind Wolf is going to teach a styling workshop at the hive in Berlin in May? You should give it a thought!

  4. Hi Lena! Yes Thank you for telling me this, I went to see Hive's programme and she is about it.

  5. Hi Kreetta, I'm back again. I am familiar with a few of these blogs but will definitely check out the others. By the way, I chose your blog as one of my fellow student favourites for our homework this week. I bet I am not the first!!
    Have a great weekend, Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Thank you, I so flattered by this all attention. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. I am very happy to be in your list!
    The Dietlind Wolf work is really very inspiring, I love what she does with the plant world, it is a great source of inspiration.
    "Walking" in blogs is really very nice, I like to discover the universe of others and see how their eye and mind work for creating...
    Thank you again!

    1. Céline, that is very' so interesting to see what people do and think. And so well they do!!

  7. Hello, Kreetta. I love your selection !!! I´m also regular follower of many of them : ) But a big surprise is Dietlind Wolf. Do you know something? I contacted her last year because I want to make a workshop with her. The problem is she is very busy but she was interested to offer one. So she propose me to organize one !!! I haven´t had the time. But is something I´ll love to do. Maybe we could meet somewhere also with Dietlind. Will be great !!!

    1. Yes, sounds great!! I also asked her last year if she is going to arrange a workshop :) haha...and she was too busy and said if I want to organize one in Finland...I've never organized one and haven't had time but if you do I'd love to take a part :) Yay!

  8. Hi Gretchen! I just discovered your blog from a comment on The Jealous Curator. It looks awesome and I can't wait to explore more of your work.

  9. And...your name is not Gretchen. I really should read more before I get all excited and start commenting. :)

  10. Hih, yes it's almost the same you know...and thank you for your kind words. I'm also excited because I have so many ideas and I only need one that works :)


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