Thursday, June 28, 2012

Be my guest - Kaunista kesäpäivää!

It's time to take a summer holiday trip. We'll be traveling for two weeks in Europe by train and then some traveling in our home country Finland. Can't wait to tell you about these and show pictures! And can't wait for all those beautiful places in Poland and Germany. 

I want to thank you for being my guest and I want to say I'm really happy that you are here. When autumn comes I'll start many DIY and art projects and those I will bring here. And there are so many talented and interesting people who are worth to write about. I bring them also here to you because as they do inspire me - I hope they inspire you too. The most important thing is that this blog is about inspiration - I will try my best to make it to be so. 

And now my friend, it is time to enjoy your summer! I made a small video for you. I shot it in our garden. Be my guest!


PS. I want to give a big Thank You for learning from the best.


  1. I love it Gretchen, sure is the homework too! I think what you told with pictures mirrors what i said in words:) Have a wonderful holiday! Mel (BYW)

    1. Thanks Mel! You too have a wonderful summer!

  2. well i wish to you have fun, relax, and enjoy!!happy holidays!!!

  3. Thank you Amanda and Elli! Beautiful summer days for you!

  4. I've been curious about Poland and of course Finland, so I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures. Have a wonderful holiday!


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