Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lomamatka mielessä - Travel fever


love the turquoise

i just wanted to take a picture of carousel...
but this man decided to come to the picture...nice mustache

sergio leone and us in cannes


hear the music and see the bow 

stripes and reflection

It just! And same time I felt it - travel fever...I had to look up photos from our trip to French Riviera and Venice it and miss it. This summer we have already decided to go to Berlin. And as usual we are going to take a train. It is slowly traveling but I like it. I think it is a good choice to make if you have time. The vacation starts when you step in to the train. You can't do anything but relax. You sit and watch through the window, read, play cards, sleep, eat - you can't hurry anywhere. I see how the view changes when I get more and more further from my motherland. And I love the feeling of traveling. We have usually made 3 week trip with interrail ticket. 2009 we went to Croatia and stayed in gorgeous island called Kolocep in front of Dubrovnik. So pure water and beautiful place. I'll continue this story with photos from our Croatia trip. I'll dig some eye candies for you - that's a promise.


  1. Hi Gretchen, I popped right on over! Beautiful photographs. I've saved you onto my feed. Look forward to following you:) Mel

    1. Hi Mel, thank you! You are very welcome!


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