Monday, May 21, 2012

Osta istu syö ja nauti - Furniture pan

Sapore Dei Mobili press photo

I find shopping sometimes a little bit hard. Expecially big and expensive things like furnitures need to be thought carefully through. I prefere to buy vintage furnitures for exemple. I love the thought that old furniture has it's own story. Sometimes it feels that it takes too long time to find the right one...but after a long waiting you really are happy when you find the one. And you are sure that it will be a part of your home.

Everyday more and more furnitures are born to be bought in our world. I was happy when I found Sapore Dei Mobili. It spoke in lovely language of today's world of consuming. Not too serious...and you can eat it.


  1. Moi Gretchen! Sulla on ihan mielettömän kiva blogi, tykkään! Ja mahtis-idea noi syötävät huonekalut:!

  2. Kiitos kiitos! Juu, eipä jää ainakaan nurkkiin makaamaan...


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